Easy Brisket and Cabbage

Brisket and Cabbage

While you might find this a great substitute for the traditional corned beef and cabbage dish on St. Patrick’s Day, make no mistake, this is not an Irish dish. In fact, the cabbage in this recipe is the star and the meat is used as a garnish.

This was my mother-in-law Betty’s recipe … You know, passed on to me to make my husband very happy. Does this still happen today … mothers-in-law passing recipes to daughters-in-law? I enjoyed it! Her cooking was so different from all I had experienced.

As for my three sons, they are quite good cooks and occasionally they will ask for a recipe. Or better yet, share a recipe with me! In fact, Stephen, where is that barbecue ribs recipe you promised me?

Betty was amazing in the kitchen. I can’t say she was really into cooking all that much when I knew her. But she could put a few ingredients together quickly … I’d think to myself … hmm, really? It was always delicious!

I hope you will enjoy this soup recipe with brisket garnish.

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Italian Scramble Onion Biscuits

My Favorite Breakfast

Italian Scramble Onion Biscuits

Great day for a brunch! And the chickens are laying more than we can consume. What a great excuse for this superb Italian Scramble accompanied with savory Onion Biscuits.

If you haven’t time to prepare this the first thing in the morning it makes a wonderful dinnertime meal.

The scramble is a no meat dish. Italian ham can be added if you desire. Either way it is delicious.

Give it a try. I’d love to hear.

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Donuts With An Attitude Gone Wrong?

Not Exactly!

Donuts with an Attitude

This is my first attempt at the new cross between a croissant and donut. I’m sure you’ve heard about this new pastry originating in Manhattan. I wanted to try it! Since I live over 2000 miles away the only way would be to make it. This wasn’t enough! I’d heard this pastry creation takes 3 days from start to finish. And I wanted to devise a recipe that had family eating this flaky melt-in-your-mouth treat in one day.

I had a plan, a recipe. It was going to work beautifully. Then I decided to use my processor! Wrong thing to do! I had not expected my new processor, gift from my brother, to pulverize, the ice cold butter. The butter chunks create the flakily layers and I had just eliminated all the flakes. I’m afraid it was the operator and not the processor! But I had to move forward with all these wonderful ingredients partially processed.

Still haven’t tried the new Manhattan pastry but these Donuts With An Attitude were delicious!

My apology, no recipe yet. But soon I’ll give it another try!

_Donuts with an Attitude



Donuts with An Attitude

Three Berry Cobbler

This is what happens when berries are a bargain price at the grocers. And it was such a beautiful day here .. This Berry Cobbler was enjoyed on the patio.

The rustic looking crust makes this so easy. Just wash the berries, add a few simple ingredients and place the crust over it all. Use your 10 inch skillet or an oblong baking dish. I just like the look of the skillet cobbler.

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Caldo Verde, Portuguese Green Soup

This is a simple one with only three main ingredients. Meant to be a main dish but certainly could be a side without the linguica … making it vegan. Kale is often used in Portuguese cuisine and doesn’t fail to be the delicious star.

The preparation and cooking is short in duration making this a perfect after work meal on these cold winter nights.

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Easy Cheesecake Bars

This rich and sweet Cheesecake Bar is low in sugar. Children love these too! 

This easy recipe whips up quickly. Usually baked in an 8 inch square baking dish … I am always looking for a baking method to change up the presentation. I am not sure the baking method created a more attractive outcome this time. So next time I will be baking in the square baking dish.

Enjoy this no fuss dessert. One of our family favorites.

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Red Wine Dessert Sauce For Valentine’s

This is an impressive topping for pound cake, sponge cake or vanilla ice cream. It’s so simple, only 10 minutes start to finish. And you probably have all the ingredients. I always keep pound cake in the freezer for a quick dessert. If you have the time my sponge cake is wonderful!

Just place small squares of the cake into a dessert dish … place a small scoop of ice cream on top and add the wine sauce over the top of both.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Country Cornbread

Is cornbread a personal thing? There are so many cornbread recipes … very good ones. Many have a similar sweet cake like texture and taste. But I long for the recipe my mother made … Crunchy  crust with just a little bit of gritty texture. Not a bad gritty but something like the gritty bottom layer of the best handmade pizza crusts. The texture of cornbread means everything. Try this recipe and see if you don’t agree.

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