Portuguese Sweet Bread (Massa Sovada)

Another Perry Family Favorite

Portuguese Sweet Bread

The secret of good bread making beyond the ingredients … Don’t be afraid to use a little muscle in the kneading. No one made bread better than my grandmother. She often made 20 loaves at a time. That’s some kneading, or more correctly a lot of muscle. Yep, her arms were strong, and she had well formed deltoids before it was in vogue.

This morning I enjoyed a generous slice of this bread with coffee my grandmother’s way, cream and sugar. Yep, she was from the East Coast!

Just Perfect!

This recipe requires no condiments to enhance the flavor. Eat it hot from the oven. You’ll see. It’s amazing!

Why wait for holidays. Enjoy this any day.

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Potato (and Egg) Stuffed Bell Peppers

And Pan Toasted Bread With Linguica

Potato Stuffed Bell Pepper

These stuffed bells are versatile. Breakfast, lunch or dinner menu works … even a side dish. Without the egg this is a perfect vegan dish … My daughter will be pleased.

I’ve teamed up this family brunch with Pan Toasted Bread and Linguica. The guys will go for the linguica. Me too. Oops. This Pan Toasted Bread and Linguica is an easy quick fix and can second as an appetizer too.

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Filled Mini-Cupcakes For St. Patrick’s

Filled Mini-Cupcakes

These filled mini-cupcakes are a great treat for both children and adults. My sister-in-law, Ruth, had suggested these mini-cupcakes for my blog … They are such an easy change up treat. Use my quick white cupcake recipe here, your own, or a box mix. You can change up the flavor of both the cupcakes and frosting-filling … And the color of the frosting-filling. This dessert will work for so many occasions … baby showers, bridal showers, holidays, birthdays….

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