cinnamon rolls for Those Special Mornings

Cinnamon Rolls

Whip up this recipe in minutes … Minimal ingredients you most likely have in your pantry … You’ll need a little time for these to rise but this definitely is not a labor intensive recipe. And did I forget to mention … they’re delicious! 

My daughter will be here early morning and I may miss her arrival, a commitment. But I’ve already prepared a lovely welcome for her with these much loved cinnamon rolls.

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German Chocolate Cake – Old Fashioned

German Chocolate Cake

I’ve had many requests for this German Chocolate Cake … A cake recipe I’ve been putting together since I was a teen. Three layers with cooked frosting and expensive ingredients make this a special occasion cake. One of my very best friends (you know the kind … you don’t talk for years but you are there for each other when needed as if no time had passed) loves this cake. She and I worked together on and off for over 20 years … some of the most fulfilling work years I’ve experienced. Our work was grueling but Lori’s humor made often unbearable days bearable.

Here is your birthday cake … really late but I hope you enjoy it!

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Portuguese Piri Piri Roasted Chicken

Portuguese Piri Piri Roasted Chicken

Piri Piri is the name given by the Portuguese for the African bird’s eye chili. This little chili pepper is commonly made into a sauce to be used with chicken and sometimes fish in Portuguese Cuisine. The chili rates about a 7 on a heat rating scale of 1-10, 10 being the hottest.

I suggest making the sauce at least a day ahead to give it time to intensify flavors. Do keep it refrigerated unless you are going to use it the day you make it. The chili peppers are hard to find in your local grocery store but here are some substitutions; Pequin, Cayenne and Tabasco. The heat of all these are about the same. Amazon does have Piri Piri but I purchased Pequin from a local grocer.

Doesn’t it make a nice presentation here with my roasted chicken. This recipe can be taken to the barbecue. I teased the idea but favored the oven instead … This time!

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Homemade Ravioli Made easy

Homemade Ravioli

This is a simple recipe and you no doubt have the ingredients. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken kinesiology but I can tell you this recipe requires strong hand and arm muscles. Unless, of course, you have a pasta maker. The dough is stiff and definitely will give you a work out. It might be just what you need after a difficult day at work!

Not a time consuming recipe. It would take more time to jump into your car, go to the grocer, buy pre-made ravioli, and return home to cook it. Give it a try! You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is. It’s a recipe and upper body workout in one!

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Chocolate Eclairs with Custard Filling

Chocolate Eclairs















Amazingly simple, three recipes in one.
The sequence is important … cook custard or pudding first, follow with preparing the pastry, and lastly, the icing or glaze. My glaze was done just a little too soon and became a little difficult to spread or dip.

A family owned bakery in our little town perfected this eclair and offered it with either custard or whipped cream filling. Our family preferred the custard filling but often didn’t get to the bakery before they were sold out. Now the bakery is gone and eclairs are even harder to come by.

So, here is my recipe! And yes, I believe I may like these better. There is something about making it yourself!

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Portuguese Style Scallops

Portuguese Style Scallops

Hockey Puck … This is commonly used to describe this sweet pricey mollusk when it’s overcooked. My description, too, with my first cooking experience.

So much was working against the perfect outcome back then. First, my Mystery Man preferred well done everything especially seafood. Yep, even well done tuna sashimi. That’s an oxymoron! (Don’t tell him but fresh scallops can actually be eaten raw.) This well done thing, and no ingredients ready before placing the scallops into a too cool skillet converted the potentially tender juicy treat into a choking hazard! Since then I’ve learned much about this treasure of the sea.

So, here are a few simple suggestions for cooking the perfect sea scallop.

-Have everything prepared before you begin cooking the scallops … Not only the ingredients going into the scallop dish but any side you plan to fix. Keep in mind cooking scallops takes only minutes. Have the rice ready or nearly so.

-For best results use searing to cook the scallops. I like to use a very hot cast iron skillet. Use an oil that tolerates high heat and be prepared for a little bit of a mess with splatter.

-Cook in batches to keep the skillet from dropping too much in temperature when the scallops are added. Spread out the scallops in the pan.

-Let the scallops cook for about one minute before turning them over. Check to make sure the bottom is cooking nicely, browning but not burning. After a minute the scallop is less likely to stick to the skillet because it is now seared. Turn to sear the additional side.

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