Italian Cream Cake

Italian Cream Cake



This is absolutely my favorite cake! There are plenty of decadent cakes I would never turn down but usually one or two bites of these satisfy … not that I stop at that! But with this Italian Cream Cake I find myself wishing I had another piece. It’s a very dangerous cake for me to bake unless it’s going to be eaten up by guests immediately.

If you like German Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake … And what is the recipe going around recently … Hummingbird Cake … I believe you will like this one. And maybe better!


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Gnocchi gets a bad rap. This pasta is often described as heavy and chewy … And even called gut bombs. While gut bombs is really only one family’s affectionate description … if you have experienced heavy or chewy gnocchi know it is in the preparation. They should melt away in your mouth with one or two chews. I can’t say I didn’t fear my first attempt at making gnocchi. After all I have this critic who’s nonna was an expert.

Served with a fresh light marinara or a butter basil sauce sprinkled with Parmesan this pasta is a delightful change from the usual. And yes, you will say this is delicious!

This is an inexpensive recipe and is not time intensive. It  may produce a little hesitancy until you see how simple it truly is.

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Change Up Chopped Salad-A Repost

A Meal In Itself

Change Up Chopped Salad-A Repost

The secret of this salad is in the chopping. It can be used as a side but initially was created as a main course. The chopping of the ingredients creates a heavier more dense fork full … making this a satisfying main course. You can make changes to give it a little different taste … satisfying your family’s likes.

This is a much loved salad by my whole family. Yep, I have meat and potato guys who love it.

For the recipe click on this link Change Up Chopped Salad

I hope you enjoy this simple beautiful satisfying green salad!

Blueberry Pie Recipe


Fresh blueberries … the choices! Snacking, muffin making, blenderizing … today pie making. Ripe fresh blueberries need little sweetening. In fact, this berry requires so little preparation I’ve decided to devote more time to the crust just for fun.

Blueberry Pie

This is an easy recipe. One the whole family will appreciate this Memorial Day Weekend or anytime.

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Potato Salad Reinvented

This is coming up just in time for Memorial Day

Potato Salad

You might be asking why reinvent? My children all have different tastes and my goal is to provide a recipe all will enjoy. Yes, it is possible … not always! For Memorial Day I have this idea for a new potato salad recipe. Sweet potatoes! Okay, this is not going to go over well with Stephen. But I’m adding equal amounts of white potatoes and sweet potatoes. I can’t wait! If you aren’t into a combination use one or the other. It still works!

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Strawberry Dessert

Baked Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Dessert

Everyone loves strawberries … well almost everyone! This is the time of year fresh strawberries are plentiful. This is packed with strawberries. Would you believe two pounds! Time for strawberries, shortcake and whipped cream topping.

This recipe is not difficult and there is wiggle room for imperfections. Delicious? I should say so! And what is amazing … this Baked Strawberry Shortcake is not cake like nor is it soggy like strawberry shortcake can be. It is meant to be eaten warm from the oven, and works well served at room temperature. Leftovers are not likely but refrigerate any you may have and eat the next day … cold. There you have it, warm, room temperature or cold … It works!

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Stroganoff Recipe At Its Best

Try this one! Made with Chicken



Looking through my recipes I came across one for beef stroganoff … My friend Cathy’s recipe carefully handwritten for me. Thank you again! I did make this recipe over the years and shared it with a friend or two. It was wonderful.

As I looked at the ingredients I realized I could make some changes … for one, beef to chicken. Recipes as friendships need a little change up to fit the changing times … Sometimes to become healthier and provide more exciting ingredients for the sophisticated palate of today. The other major changes, no cream of mushroom soup … chicken broth instead, and fresh mushrooms added. This is a simple recipe and fast too. On the table in thirty!

Try this Stroganoff at its Best with Chicken! Hope you enjoy it too, my dear friend.

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Five Minute Mix Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie

This is my go to recipe for a quick homemade chocolate dessert. Rich Moist Chocolate Brownies! It’s so quick and easy. And you probably have everything in your pantry to whip it together.

There may be a box mix for brownies out there that I might like but I haven’t tasted it yet! This is so much cheaper and just as fast! And you can tell it’s homemade!

Once baked add ice cream, creme fraiche, or whipping cream. Or go it naked!

This is a dessert that will please your family or guests. The edges are chewy, my favorite piece, the center is moist and the crust is thin and slightly crunchy. I love nuts! But it can go without and still impress!


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Italian Sausage Recipe BBQ with Veggies

Serve on a Bed of Pasta

Italian Sausage Recipe


This is the real deal! No faux Italian sausage here. But I bet this would work perfectly with chicken or turkey Italian sausage as well. Choose mild or spicy. Vegetable choices are up to you too. Tomatoes do tend to cook more quickly than the sausage but can work nicely if the sausage is cut a bit smaller to decrease the cooking time. Ready in 30 minutes or less with minimal kitchen cleanup.

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Roasted Vegetables Recipe With Quinoa

Serve Warm or Cold, Salad or Main Dish

Roasted Vegetables

Easy and simple, this is a keeper! Roasted vegetables are just so full of flavor. Added to quinoa for a nice salad as a main dish or a generous side dish. This is how it evolved.

Several days ago I was giving thought to a Skewered Italian Sausage and Vegetables Recipe for the BBQ. I had all these beautiful vegetables from my garden. Then someone mentioned quinoa and how delicious it can be as a salad. Since half the family is vegetarian (or pretty close to being vegetarian) why not do a quinoa salad with roasted vegetables and another main dish with the Italian Sausage. (See Next Post for the Italian Sausage Recipe)

And as it turns out the recipe is actually vegan too. Yes, the grill was cleaned … so no left-over drippings!

Let’s get started.

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