Almond Cookies Or Biscuits

Great with Coffee, Tea, Milk, Cheese and Wine

almond cookies

When biscotti became the rage in our part of the country in the early 90’s I had already discovered a close relative mandelbrot. I wasn’t sure what I was eating but I knew I loved it! To me it looked like a version of the biscotti, and come to find out the baking process is very similar. But it stops there. Mandelbrot definitely has a different texture … almost like a very heavy angel food loaf, sliced thin, 1/4 inch or less, and toasted to a crunch.

Have you tried Almondina Cookies? Just amazing! This was my first exposure to mandelbrot. This company has several varieties now but the original is still my favorite. The sad part for me is availability. I can’t always find Almondina in my little city … Occasionally at Cost Plus World Market.

So, today I tried my hand at making them. But while distracted by cat or dog I managed to ruin my batter. Wait! I thought I ruined the batter but finished the recipe so as not to waste the ingredients. My mistake? Instead of folding the flour into the egg whites I beat it all together. This might have added to the denseness. It worked perfectly. My mistake might have been just what I needed to get the perfect outcome. Because they are just as I remember.

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Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

It was one of those baking myself happy kinda days back then.  The day before had been a 14 hour hospital nightmare, and now my bathroom had a puddle growing across the floor. I need a chocolate fix! But no eggs! That eliminates brownies and cakes. (In those days substituting ingredients was sorta like cheating. Yeah, kinda crazy.) I have chocolate chips! And zip eggs needed for shortbread.

Within 30 minutes all was done … Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies. Just in time! The plumber arrived and I showed him the puddle. He reached down around the base of the toilet and said, “you’ve a leaking gasket … can I use the phone?” Sure (I kinda hesitated … his hands still dripping) … leading him to my kitchen phone. I passed him minutes later on his way back to the leaking gasket … He was eating my cookies right off the serving plate. Nope! The family didn’t get a taste that day.

Since then I’ve made this recipe many times with great results. Always delicious and a perfect change.

And today I always offer cake and cookies to avoid a help yourself kinda situation like this one!

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Snack Mix Recipe

Snack Mix RecipeA Twist on an Old Snack Mix. Fusilli Parmesan Snack Mix! Fun snack to have this July 4th. Or for the family on movie night. Change the recipe to suit your family’s likes. Even candy coated chocolate can be added after all cools. Bow tie pasta works. Wagon wheel pasta? Not sure. Give it a try!

And Steven, thank you for opening me up to “fusilly” so many years ago. I seem to be using it in everything.

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Ratatouille Our MockUp


We called this recipe a mockup. Our family benefited from the generosity of the local farmers, my dad’s customers, receiving gifts of veggies and fruit. We had a vegetable garden too! What do you do when you’ve all these vegetables? You become creative. Not until years later did I realize our family dish had a name … Ratatouille!

Rather than other spices we used Italian spices. So, I like to say this is an Italian Ratatouille. And if you’d like a South-of-the-Border version … that can be done easily with a change up of spices and cheeses, and by adding green chilies. How easy is that! And another dish is created! 

Warning! Your family will want this over and over. One point to make here … this dish is usually made with eggplant. Eggplant can make or break this recipe. The large type eggplant is often more available. This variety is usually tougher and likely a bit bitter when comparing to a Japanese eggplant. I definitely recommend some special care for the eggplant used in this recipe. Skipping this step might have your family sticking their noses in the air to this dish.

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A Summertime Treat-Limoncello


It’s the first day of Summer and I’ve pulled out this refreshing liqueur. I know what to expect from this wonderfully lemon flavored drink today. But the first time I tried it I certainly didn’t. There’s no sour or bitter taste … Just a smooth sweet lemony flavor with only a slight hint of the high alcoholic content.

During my visit to Italy Limoncello was served icy cold … like a melted lemon creamsicle. For me it’s best when mixed with a juice even in lemonade. Yes, really! Here I’ve mixed it with pomegranate juice and added a splash of vodka. Just 3 ingredients! Really a tasty fun treat for Summer!

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Easy Delicious Dessert

Easy Delicious Dessert

Looks a little like a burrito! Not into blueberries? Add your fav fruit pie filling instead! Really easy … really tasty. Fruit burritos for dessert or breakfast. Doesn’t need a topping but doesn’t hurt. A treat you can make your family’s.

Blueberries were on special today … 2 packages for the price of one. I don’t need much incentive to choose blueberries but for this recipe these work too: apples, peaches, blackberries, cherries, strawberries…. Well, you get the idea.

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Egg and Potatoes Meal

Breakfast, Brunch or Dinner & Lunch Too!

egg and potatoes meal



This happens when you have potatoes and eggs about to go south. BUT that doesn’t mean this isn’t a surprisingly delicious alternative to the usual dinner. I appreciate my hens working overtime! And my friend does too with this really easy dinner or anytime recipe. My single serving cast iron skillets are perfect for this dish. Fun!


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Candy Bar Cookies

Candy bar cookies















It’s a mystery! Hmmm I don’t recognize the handwriting and the address on the back of the recipe card doesn’t ring a bell. From the city address this looks to be at least 20 years old. If mom had lived there I’d say this was a friend of hers recipe … Mom loves Butterfingers. The mystery probably will go unsolved but thank you whoever you are.

Yep, I did a search for candy bar cookies and while similar recipes … that’s about it. An interesting tidbit … other candy bar cookie recipes give a variety of candy bars to use … even combinations of candy bars. This recipe will accommodate other candy bar choices, too. If you need a change up I’d stay with caramel and nougat candy or chocolate covered peanuts … Baby Ruth for example. I’ll leave these choices to your imagination. No George, maybe not Skittles. But who knows! Not my choice for a cookie though.

candy bar cookies






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