How To Make Spaghetti Sauce

Red Pasta Sauce Variations

How to make spaghetti sauce

Today is Father’s Day and a great day for one of my Dad’s favorites. Yep, we used Kraft Parmesan!

Before I tell you about this sauce I’d like to give you the links to my Italian Red Sauces in previous posts. Why? Well, first Dad’s Favorite Spaghetti Sauce is anything but Italian sauce. And while I love this, if you are searching for Italian Red Sauce I don’t want to disappoint you.

Click on any of the 3 links below for a simple Italian Red Sauce. The sauces will vary slightly.

Braciole, Stuffed Pasta Shells, Spaghetti Meatballs and Stuffed Mushrooms

Click on the link below for Old Fashioned Italian Sauce that requires more time & ingredients.

Italian Sauce or Gravy The Old Fashioned Way


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Blog Tour

The push into food blogging, not that I needed much of one, came from my son Will. Domesticity and creative expression were always favored over any professional position I held. But I was the breadwinner and the opportunity to reinvent myself was not an option … at least not then.

Over the years my family and I have watched as food truly has become an entertainment. We had watched Julia Child, Graham Kerr and James Beard, some of the first TV foodie pioneers, more for their personalities. Our introduction to Martha Stewart was her first book, my mother’s coffee table book. Periodically I’d leaf through and think how lucky she was to do something she loved … something I loved. As the family became more acquainted with the public Martha Stewart we’d smile as we imagined parallels, I’ll bet accurately; driven, strong, workaholic, organized, detailed and as handy with carpenter tools as kitchen utensils.

So, when Will said, you should do a food blog, I leaped.

blog tour

Here is Katie of Pearls + Girls who featured me last week on her blog tour, Katie’s Tour. We were newbies around the same time and both nominated for the Liebster Award. Since this time, Katie has been baking at lightening speed. I follow her on Facebook too, Katie’s Facebook  … And see her posts of baked goods days in a row. That’s a lot of baking from scratch!

I love raspberries and this just looks scrumptious … Ricotta Raspberry Tart. And healthy enough for breakfast! Check out her recipe Berry Addictions.

I can already say I knew Katie when….

Thank you Katie for including me in your tour!


What am I currently working on? I’ve found there is so much to do, and learn, besides my cooking. Luckily there isn’t anything I don’t enjoy. I have teased the idea of an eCookbook, actually several. And have begun writing one … but just wondering how I’m going to fit in the time … cooking the recipes for the photography. I’m currently putting two more videos together. It’s kinda painful. Just ask my videographer, Jonathan!

How does my work differ from others of its genre? When you become acquainted with the food bloggers I have featured you are likely to see more similarities than differences. The common thread is a love and devotion to family and home. Too, I’m no different in my desire to entertain and inform but I always have a focus on family history. This is my journal of my family’s history through food. And I love every minute!

How does my writing process work? Almost all the recipes I post have been family and friend favorites. When I decide on a recipe I’m immediately taken to its history. So many great memories unfold and I relive them through the smells, tastes, and textures of the food.

My Featured Food Bloggers

Alexandra of Dinner Daydreams is another food blogger I met through the Liebster Award almost a year ago. She says she enjoys sharing thoughts and ideas about food. And I have to say she has many amazing savory dishes I can taste just reading the recipe. Her variation on a Puttanesca Sauce is something I’m going to be trying very soon. Or maybe her Fettuccine Alfredo. Love Italian Cuisine! I’ve included one of her favorite dishes Arancini here … actually a holiday tradition.

Blog Tour







Alexandra has given meticulous instructions for creating these delicious rice balls. Visit her site for this recipe, Arancini.  You won’t be disappointed!


Jennifer the Meal Diva is all about easy, wholesome and homemade! Perfect. I say. I met Jennifer through Instagram. Her photos are amazing as is her blog. I especially love her Healthy Tips … A wealth of really good information. She’s busy too with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Jennifer has an Out An About section … visiting New Jersey restaurants and more. Very nicely done.

blog tour







I asked Jennifer to send a photo of one of her favorite dishes. Doesn’t this look so delicious!

Amazing Crockpot Short Ribs … maple syrup, honey, garlic, dry mustard are some of the ingredients. Doesn’t get better than this. Check out this recipe and others.


Francesca’s blog Love Bake Read has a little different style, wonderfully different.  Loved her post on her visit to Lake Needwood. And her latest post has a bit of self-help. She lives to read she states and has made reference to a few of her favorite reads. She may enjoy sweets but her Cheesy Avocado Black Bean Quesadilla looks like an epicurean treat that would ace out any confection. Well, until you see this….

blog tour







That’s what I said! This is Francesca’s Decadent Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake  Speechless! Francesca is a regular on Instagram. We met there. And check out Francesca’s Pinterest … lots of pins!

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Cucumber Onion Salad Is An Oldie

Cucumber Onion Salad
















Talk about an easy recipe! This oldie was served in the summer months at home, and my grandmother’s. It’s one of those recipes that is so old it’s everyone’s.

I have added sliced tomatoes but some may prefer without. I added lots of pepper but others prefer paprika. Change it up and make it your own!

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Blueberry Cake for Two

Blueberry Cake

Craving something blueberry for dessert? This cake works nicely. Whips up in minutes by hand and within 30 you are enjoying this dessert … warm with a dollop of ice cream.

This old fashioned dessert, sometimes called Blueberry Buckle, can second as a coffee cake. 

I’ve used 2 six ounce ramekins to decrease the baking time. And I really enjoy the look of this individual serving dish.

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Barbecue Ribs

Grilled Beef Rib Kabobs

Barbecue Ribs

If Dad is a meat eatin’ connoisseur this is the perfect meal for Father’s Day! The nice thing about these ribs … they’re all meat. Boneless beef short ribs!

Served here over a bed of romaine lettuce sprinkled with gorgonzola crumbles and blueberries. No dressing needed. Include the roasted potatoes from the previous post  … And dinner is served.


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A Preview

father's day

I’m not saying this meal will need the Ketchup I made for my last post but some just like my homemade ketchup. 

Today I’m putting together a hearty man pleasin’ dinner everyone will enjoy. And I bet Dad won’t mind helping with the grilling on his brand new barbecue. So what’s on this menu?


Oven roasted sliced russet potatoes with parsley and garlic butter

Grilled marinated beef rib kabobs.

Ketchup For Our BBQ




My garden is producing so many wonderful fruits and vegetables. I’ve made sauces and soups. Roasted and BBQ’d vegetables. Served fresh berries. Enjoyed the salad cucumbers. What can I do now? It’s time for a family barbecue. And what condiment do many enjoy at a barbecue with their roasted potatoes, beans, hamburgers, hot dogs and even steaks? Ketchup!

And when you realize how easy it is to make ketchup and the deliciousness of the homemade variety … well, you’ll have this on your menu all summer long!

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Happy National Donut Day!

National Donut Day

And a great day to revisit my donut posts: Spice Cake Donuts, Filozes Portuguese Donuts, and Donuts With An Attitude.

The Spice Cake Donuts still stand tall! I love cake donuts!

This Portuguese donut recipe is a variation of filozes … made without yeast. Whipped up in minutes and meant to be eaten immediately. The traditional with yeast is on the menu soon.

Donuts with an Attitude was my attempt to recreate the famous croissant donut cross. While it was delicious the appearance and lightness were not close enough to the original. I haven’t given up.

If you need an excuse to eat a donut … today is your day!