Butterscotch Pecan Pie Tartlets

pecan pie tartlets



It’s National Pecan Pie Day! I love Pecan Pie. That wasn’t always the case. When the holidays roll around I sometimes wish I was that 13 year old who turned up her nose at rich desserts. But I’m getting better at taking just a sliver.

This Pecan Pie doesn’t have corn syrup but before you thank me know I’ve added a little something else. You’ll love it!!


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Oatmeal Bars – with Berries This Time

Oatmeal bars

A new take on an old recipe! I’m such a berry fan! I loaded this bar cookie with my favorites, blackberry, blueberry and raspberry. It works with other fruit choices, and with some tweaking I’ll bet chocolate too! But for now I’m into the berries. This could second as a breakfast bar too!

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Old Fashioned Pancakes



Family’s favorite pancakes! The secret is the thinness of the batter and the hot hot griddle. My four children are so into my pancakes. They call for advice when theirs don’t turn out. And I always say, the heat of the griddle is crucial, and the thinness of the batter-not too thin but definitely not thick.

There is no need to make the ingredients complex. I like saving that for toppings. Here I’ve used fresh strawberry syrup. You can find the Strawberry Syrup Recipe Here.

And for other Pancake and Syrup Recipes Try Here.

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Today Is National Fried Chicken Day

Fried Chicken Day

Is this what you’d expected? Maybe not! This is a chicken stir fry. Not only healthy but delicious! Now on Kitchen Getaway. And get ready … Tomorrow is National Strawberry Sundae Day! I’ll be using my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker (BTW … it makes much more than just ice cream!) … My Cuisinart isn’t as pretty … Or new like the giveaway! Have you checked out the giveaways yet??

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Just in Time for the Fourth

-Barbecued Linguica “Hot Dogs” with Homemade Buns

-Portuguese White Beans (Baked Beans)

-Classic Best Foods Potato Salad – My Version

July fourth

These Portuguese Rolls are the perfect bun for my linguica hot dogs. The ease and success of this recipe will have you and your family smiling.

July fourth




Another Perry Family Recipe, Portuguese White Baked Beans. About 10 minutes to prep and some hours in the oven and you will see why our family is still talking about this recipe 50 years later. Thank you Margaret. Enjoy, Danny and Leonard!

What a great old fashioned potato salad! We’re ready for the Fourth. How about you?



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Purple Cow – A Healthy Version

Try It As A Fourth Of July Treat

Purple Cow


Will and Steve had their own cookbook at a young age. Was this one of their recipes? Not this one! The original Purple Cow had two ingredients, grape juice and vanilla ice cream. Certainly this still can be done but I was trying for something a little less caloric with a little less sugar. And if you’ve tasted undiluted grape juice … It is soo sweet.

The kids will enjoy making their own this 4th!

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