Green and Red Pepper Steak

Green Pepper Steak

Here’s a really simple dinner in no time. Use an economical cut of beef, requiring a little longer cooking, or a sirloin cut. I used sirloin … It was on sale this week. Just a word about sirloin … not all sirloin cuts are the same in taste and tenderness. There are approximately 11 different cuts. This particular piece I used was called Sirloin Filet. With this the cooking was brief and the whole dinner came together in about 20 minutes. Ask your butcher to recommend a cut if you aren’t sure.

This recipe and a side of rice is perfect for four. Give it a try.

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There is nothing like a simple pumpkin pie!

Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie is one of the easiest and quickest pies to put together. Well, if you’re not making your own puree. I mentioned I’ve cooked raw pumpkin for my pies in the past. Once! When I found the taste was not different from the Libby’s canned puree I quickly eliminated the step. I’m a researcher from way back, cancer research that is … So, I have to add my taste test was not particularly scientific. I was the only taste tester before I added the spices. And I had a prejudice but in favor of my cooked pumpkin. I wanted my cooked pumpkin to taste differently … better. It just didn’t. Maybe others have had a different outcome. What do you think?

You may have noticed I’ve made the pie crust from scratch. In our family we have always made the pie crusts for any pies we’ve made. And after years of eating pie this way it’s hard to change. In fact, to me homemade pie crust makes this pie whether you eat the crust or simply eat the filling off it. Yes, that’s a bit strange. And I’m trying to think of an analogy but I can’t.

When I mention the importance of pie crust I’m referring to the taste and texture. In the last years I’ve used these little cutters just for fun. Adults and children just like the festive look. Me too.

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This Week’s Planned Posts

How about this? Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Mac N Cheese! Yikes!

Hot Dog Mac N Cheese

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs is one of Austin’s favorites and I’ve added the Mac N Cheese. Sounds over the top. I’m going to do a few things to keep this recipe healthier.

-First, lean bacon is going to be precooked slightly to render part of the fat.
-The hot dogs are going to be picked selectively to avoid excess fat and salt, and filler meat products.
-Lite on the cheese and milk.
-Spinach can be added but not this time.
-Whole wheat macaroni can be used but produces a little firmer Mac N Cheese.

Baking Perfect Pumpkin Pie With Libby And Mom

Pumpkin Pie

I am definitely one who believes from scratch cooking more often than not is better. Most often healthier, tastier and cheaper. There are exceptions, I agree!

One Thanksgiving, yes just once, I decided to make pumpkin puree for my pumpkin pies. Easy enough but a little time consuming, and definitely time consuming when I couldn’t tell the difference between the Libby’s and my own. This was in the day when my tastebuds were extremely sensitive. Not everyone who cooks their own puree agrees. But for spicy pumpkin pie canned pureed pumpkin works. What a simple pie! Mom tweaked the Libby’s recipe slightly and this is what we bake each Thanksgiving. Thank you Libby and Mom. Oh, I didn’t mention the crust! Yes, scratch is a must for us.

This is a start. Let me see how the week goes. Stromboli will need to wait another week.

Apple Recipes

My Apple Dumplings-Sunday

Apple DumplingsHere are a few apple recipes to tide you over until My Apple Dumplings Post.

Top L-R: Spinach Apple Banana Smoothie, Mother’s Day Muffins, Apple Empanadas
Bottom L-R: Pork Chops Recipe, Apple Dessert, Apple Pie

Did you know there are over 7000 apple cultivars? Just within the last weeks I was looking through the apples at my grocer’s. And up popped a new one … to me anyway. Do you get confused about which to use for what? I kinda stick with my favorites. But it’s interesting and recommended to mix cooking apples to get a little different taste and texture.

The crabapple is the only apple variety native to North America. It’s not used in cooking often because of its extremely sour taste. Apples are usually categorized by use; cider, cooking, eating. Below I’ve listed what I often find available and their recommended use. Yep, in my youth I baked an apple pie with Red Delicious. It took forever for the apples to ‘cook.’

Braeburn-sweet, tart; eating and tarts (can turn brown inside from long storage)
Empire-sweet, crunchy, juicy, tangy; eating (cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious)
Fuji-one of the sweetest, crisp; eating (brought to market in the 60’s-developed in a research station in Japan)
Gala-sweet, juicy, crisp, grainy; eating and sauces (one of the most popular apples)
Golden Delicious-very sweet; eating (found in West Virginia-not closely related to Red Delicious)
Granny Smith-crisp, juicy, very tart; cooking and eating (originated in Australia)
Gravenstein-crisp, sweet, tart; cider, cooking and eating (been around for 100’s of years)
Jonathan-tart; cooking and eating (Origin-Woodstock)
McIntosh-slightly tart and crisp; cooking and eating (very popular in eastern Canada and the Northeast US)
Red Delicious-sweet, very mild to little taste; eating (easy to recognize by the mounds circling the bottom)
Rome-crisp, juicy, mild; cooking (flavor develops in baking)
Winesap-sweet, tangy; cider and eating (Stayman apple)


Pumpkin Log Or Torte

Pumpkin Torte

Every recipe I create for my blog has a story. My file is overflowing with handwritten, typed or photocopied delicious recipes. Anything less wasn’t saved. Many are decades old not unlike this one.

For years I worked with patients with cancer and during the holidays we were flooded with wonderful cakes, cookies and candies. Pumpkin roll was one of the treats. It was so light yet rich … and who doesn’t like pumpkin! The recipe was shared too. As the years passed I stayed loyal to our traditional pumpkin pie during holidays and never made this recipe ‘though I visited it frequently.

Today I pulled out the recipe and did an internet search to make sure it was original. And then what did I do? I changed it just a bit … not because it needs it but to give it a new look.

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