Skillet Caramelized Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like … almost never. The thing about brussels sprouts is they can be bitter. I understand there’s a new hybrid reducing bitterness but I’m sure it hasn’t found its way to my grocery store. There are a few tricks to reduce bitterness and I find caramelization the most effective. Martha Stewart, I believe, recommends doing a quick boiling method and then caramelizing. I’m always into the least amount of cookware and time involvement. Sometimes it works and sometimes no. First try to purchase the freshest brussels sprouts you can find. Pick through looking for the smallest ones. Smaller may be less bitter.

Next when you caramelize the more surface being caramelized the sweeter the outcome. So, when I heard my nephew Christian chops up his brussels sprouts before cooking and my brother saying they were amazing I agreed this not only was a delicious idea but one skillet easy too.

I have another successful recipe with brussels sprouts. I hadn’t analyzed my method of cooking them until today. When preparing Chicken Breasts with Roasted Vegetables I sometimes include yams and carrots with the brussels sprouts, and other vegetables. The sweetness of these two vegetables (yams and carrots) eliminates the bitterness. Finally, adding a bit of brown sugar to brussels sprouts while caramelizing may decrease bitterness as well.

This recipe is so simple. Few ingredients and not a lot of prep. I added the bacon and blue cheese as a garnish after visiting Christy’s Cooking Creations. She has a delicious Brussels Sprout Recipe. Check it out!

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Chocolate A Favorite Flavor

Easy Chocolate Pie

It’s no secret … I’m easily a chocoholic. And I’ve found over time good chocolate matters. If I’m taking the time to put together a chocolate dessert and investing the calories when consuming it I want the best chocolate for the recipe. I still have some candy bar favorites from the Parish’s Market days but if chalky or waxy I’m over it. Yes, candy bar ingredients have changed.

I’m in a chocolate kinda mood. And I’m looking at my chocolate dessert recipes. This one can’t be improved. Why change a good thing! But I have a cookie with a bad rap.The pictures just didn’t capture how amazing they are. I had one follower on Facebook mention in his words, looking similar to dinosaur poop. Nope, he wasn’t a paleontologist but a CEO. Hmm, does that explain it?

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“Tac Quitos” For Kenzie With Guacamole

Taquitos and Guacamole

For Winter Solstice our family will celebrate with Mexican Cuisine. We pretty much do this every year. I usually order out for the appetizers and stick to cooking the main dishes. When these are so easy, why? After making my Shredded Beef these Taquitos were a cinch! And I cheated a little with the Guacamole. It’s my son’s, Ian, and his wife’s recipe. Thank you Ann. Ann received her inspiration for their Guacamole from the California Avocado Commission. Check out this site for great avocado recipes of all kinds.

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Chicken Cacciatore

But Is This Chicken?

Chicken Cacciatore

Actually, it isn’t!

But this recipe is going to include chicken breasts. And, what I’ve done here. This is a 30 minute version of this hunter stew with little fuss.

Curious yet, about what I’ve used? Turkey! But not just turkey, lean ground Italian spiced turkey. I love turkey and sometimes find myself substituting it for chicken if I can. For me this works here but if you’re looking for something close to the actual dish … Not to worry.

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