Deluxe Homemade See’s Fudge

Faux See's Fudge





This is one of my Grandmother’s Recipes made during the holidays … Originating other than in her kitchen. This and divinity were her candy specialities. I wasn’t a chocoholic in those days. It’s taken all these years to try out her recipe. Is it really similar to See’s Fudge, See’s being one of my favorites? Nope, but it’s mighty good just the same!


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Hamburger Hash

Hamburger HashRight out of the 40’s! But I’ve heard Hash is making a comeback! Warning: This only has three ingredients not including salt and pepper the cooking makes all the difference in taste. Caramelization is the secret! A well-seasoned cast iron skillet or other heavy bottomed skillet will do … And the trick is to not turn or stir the ingredients frequently. Otherwise, the dish will be far from flavorful and you might find yourself adding bell pepper, salsa, avocado and any other ingredient you can think of to make up for the loss in taste.

So, you might be asking why try this! It’s tasty, quick, economical and well liked. Great for a quick dinner or a large breakfast spread.

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Potatoes Au Gratin with Pork Chops

Potatoes Au Gratin

One of the meals I had as a kid! We called the potatoes scalloped incorrectly and often used Velveeta Cheese … Yikes! Not always successfully. I have changed a few things here including the cheese. But I haven’t increased the ingredient list … one of the great positives of this recipe. The prep is easy and quick. The potatoes need about 50-60 minutes baking time for the best flavor and texture.

The New York cut pork chops can be pan seared until done or quickly browned and baked for the last 5 minutes on top the potatoes. The baking can lead to dryness if not careful. A no fuss applesauce can be cooked up in 10-15 minutes from two Granny Smith apples and a few tablespoons of water. The perfect meal with few ingredients. Dress it up with spices if you like but I just like the simplicity.

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Scones In Any Flavor


This is a basic scone recipe with multiple flavor possibilities. It’s just ever so slightly sweet that adding meat or cheese isn’t out of place. Use it for your leftover turkey and cranberry sauce for a savory lunch or snack. Or simply add Meyer lemon zest and chopped cranberries for a more acceptable tea accompaniment. This scone recipe doesn’t remind one of sweet rolls or a sweet breakfast treat. It definitely has a biscuit taste and texture. Simple and few ingredients.

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Turkey and More

Savory or Sweet Scones Coming Up Next

Savory or Sweet Scones

Left to Right, row 1: Bacon Pecan Maple Buttermilk Waffles, Fluffy Donuts, Oatmeal Muffins, Breakfeast, Gingerbread Muffins row 2: Eggs Ham Mushrooms, Breakfast Burrito row 3: Eggs Potatoes & Spinach, Date Nut Bars row 4: Best Coffee Cake, Strawberry Banana Pineapple Smoothie row 5: Spice Cake Donuts, Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast, Sausage Peppers Onions, Best Banana Bread, Cinnamon Rolls

Lots of Family and Food over the last days. It’s been great fun! Thinking of what to do with my few turkey left overs. Decided to try out my new scone baking dish. And going to try adding a little of this and that to my recipe, making a variety. Maybe cranberries, turkey, cheese, Meyer lemon. The lemon tree is full this year. Can’t wait!

Since we look at scones as a breakfast food most often here are a few of past Kitchen Getaway Breakfast Recipes. And I’ve added the two Dinner Recipes below specific for cooked turkey. In the meantime, I’ll be in the kitchen coming up with some great scones to share with you later.

Turkey Leftovers

Turkey Chicken or Tuna Dish

Turkey and Wild Rice