Another Version of Grandmother Rose’s Peas

Peas Linguica and Eggs, a Portuguese Breakfast or Dinner

Peas Linguica Eggs

Loved my Grandmother’s peas. Always served as a side dish. I don’t remember anyone else eating them … Maybe because I kept the bowl close and ignored the nonverbal cues, frequently used at our table, to pass the dish. My bad!

I’ve taken her recipe a bit further and added a few different ingredients. I think you’ll like this Portuguese Breakfast Style that can second as a dinner meal. I probably don’t need to tell you but this is not a light dish. Sometimes you just gotta have linguica!

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Linguini (Linguine) Alla Puttanesca

Linguini with Puttanesca

This remains my favorite light pasta meal for so many reasons. Puttanesca is interesting in flavor and in story. It’s been near decades since I first heard the story and tried this amazingly simple but delicious sauce. Some may shy away because of the anchovies or cayenne pepper. This sauce is very forgiving not unlike a great lover. Add anchovy paste instead of anchovies and cayenne to your taste. For a vegan diet let the capers do the trick. The result is always amazing.

Versions of Puttanesca are as many as the verses of Lou Monte’s Lazy Mary. Hope you enjoy this one!

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Slice N Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Slice N Bake Oatmeal Cookies

The 2015 resolution is still on! But you know as I … Complete deprivation often leads to resolution failure … with respect to dietary changes.

Here is a cookie with, in my opinion, the nutritional value outweighing the calories. My secret to not overindulging … Bake only the amount that will be eaten and shared. The remainder of dough, wrap tightly in parchment paper then foil, label and freeze. Need more for unexpected guests? Just remove from the freezer, slice and bake what you need. Easily keeps in the freezer for several months.

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Estrada’s Kitchen Look A Like Taste A Like

Tostada Compuesta

Tostada CompuestaThis looks simple enough. And perhaps you might be feeling a little too simple for your palate. But I promise this salad will surprise you! A few of the techniques in building this Tostada Compuesta create the distinctive flavor and shouldn’t be skipped. You’ve heard me boast about Estrada’s Spanish Kitchen. I’ve been fortunate enough to come across an enchilada sauce recipe that tastes just like theirs. If you wish to try it out just let me know and I’ll send the recipe. My brother has given the recipe a try and, it’s spot on! And for those interested in the Chile Relleno give my recipe a try. It’s so so close.

There you have it! A complete meal!

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Thumbprint Cookies In A Hurry

Thumbprint Cookies

Inspired by Bothof’s Bakery and Betty Crocker! Chocolate or Jelly Thumbprint Cookies from Bothof’s were a childhood favorite. The convenience of the bakery vanished with our move to the country. The option became, bake them! Betty Crocker lived in our house in those days. With Betty Crocker’s help a simple recipe was created.

This is a quick recipe with few ingredients. Top it with a candy kiss or peanut butter cup or Rolo. My favorite is still a small dollop of chocolate or raspberry jam or jelly. This cookie is so basic in flavor any number of toppings can be used. Love it!

BTW low sugar.

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Manhattan Clam Chowder

Grandmother Rose’s Favorite Chowder

Manhattan Clam ChowderWhile my Grandmother enjoyed clams prepared in a variety of ways including raw I prefer just a hint of sea breeze wafting up from my clams especially chowder. I’ve had to take baby steps to develop a palate for seafoods … graduating from fish that tastes like chicken, e.g. halibut, to fish stew with aroma, well, like a fishing pier.

Manhattan Clam Chowder is tomato base and this particular variation is not thick nor creamy. It’s light but filling with a mixture of simple vegetables. The clams aren’t overpowering. Whether you enjoy raw clams or shy away from any dish with clams I believe you will be pleased with this Manhattan Clam Chowder. A healthy high protein economical dish. A Delicious Dinner Meal!

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My New Year’s Resolution

My New Year's ResolutionDo you have a New Year’s Resolution? Some years I do. This year I feel a need. I’m in the last quarter as Bruce Jenner had said. Episode? (Yep, I’ve been known to watch the Kardashians. Don’t tell.) In my own little observation study a jock grows older with some advantages. I just attended my high school class reunion … Graduation was decades ago … Nope, not telling. Everyone in this high school swim team, seniors only, picture remains fit. (Roger died in the Vietnam War.) Don’t get me wrong. There’ve been some physical challenges but we are holding up well.

So what’s this have to do with my resolution? I’ve been taking advantage, for granted actually, of my genetics and physical resilience! I inherited a musculature similar to my brother’s … remember he played college football. I had these very broad shoulders and tight large muscles I hated but later began to appreciate as my body softened with age. The inset, I’m in my mid-thirties after my children with this biological softening process in full swing. But now I want it to stop! It’s swinging too far in the opposite direction. My first step, I’ve let the gardener go. So far, lots of raking. My fescue is now reaching full length but my compulsiveness hasn’t overridden the chilling 30 degrees.

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For the month of January I’m focusing on a lighter menu. First up is my Grandmother Rose’s favorite chowder, Manhattan Clam Chowder. I’m not a clam connoisseur as she, taking clams right off the beach and eating them raw. I’ll be using the very best canned clams. Use fresh if you like. Such an easy recipe!

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