Eggplant Parmesan and More

Eggplant Parmigiana

Egg Plant Parmesan and MoreThese beauties, pictured two summers ago … but I can tell you I’m up for a good crop this year too. I love eggplant but only if it’s tender … not chewy and tough as it can be if certain steps are skipped when preparing. I know there are those who swear the salting process is not necessary but I’ve tried to skip this one, you guessed it, with chewy tough results. So get out your colander, salt 1/4 inch eggplant slices heavily on both sides and place into the colander for draining for at least 30 minutes. Pat liquid and dust off salt with paper towels (or rinse with cool water and pat dry) and you are good to go. An old dish that never grows old.

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Instant Beef Bourguignon

Well, Maybe Not Instant But Pretty Close

Quick Beef Bourguignon


Having success with this quick dish is to avoid substitutions of lesser cuts of beef … Definitely use fresh mushrooms, smoky applewood bacon and caramelize caramelize. I’ve tried to economize with other than filet mignon but the quickness of this dish requires a tender cut. Are you thinking why smother a filet mignon? I don’t consider quality red wine and cognac a bad addition to $25 a pound beef. Give this a try when you wish to impress.


And for those purists who just can’t do this to a filet mignon try this.

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Not The Usual Slaw

Rutabaga or Turnip

SlawHave you ever heard of mashed rutabagas in place of potatoes for a Thanksgiving side dish? Or was it Christmas? Well, I have! What do you know about this vegetable? Maybe more than I because my knowledge is slim. Not so many years ago I’d be looking for turnips for a recipe and unknowingly pick up a rutabaga. (It’s ugly cousin.) When my “turnip” cooked up yellow … yikes! If the top hadn’t been removed (I tell myself now) and I hadn’t thought they were turning a bit yellow because they were getting old I wouldn’t have made such a mistake. Ha!

Did you know this root vegetable is a cross between a cabbage and a turnip. So, guess what! This slaw is versatile … make it with cabbage, turnips or rutabagas. And don’t fear the ugliness of the rutabaga … it cleans up nicely and really doesn’t taste much different from a turnip … neither having a strong flavor in my opinion. My excuse for ground black pepper!

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Broccoli Chicken Salad


Broccoli Side Salad without Chicken

Broccoli Chicken Salad



This salad is as beautiful as it’s nutritious and delicious! Revised from the good old days of raisins and sunflower seeds to a main dish with chicken. But works as a side dish without the chicken if you prefer. Crunchy multi-flavor with a sweet-n-sour dressing. Perfect for the barbecue season ahead!



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My Favorites

Hanford Portuguese Bakery

Tulare Portuguese Bakery

Portuguese BakeriesIt’s not always easy to find what I need for my Portuguese recipes … Or to find Portuguese confections and baked goods perfectly prepared. But here are two places I shop when I can. Hanford Bakery has speciality meats and fish too. Andy would always remark the Portuguese skinless and boneless sardines are the best. Right next to this on the shelf are other delicacies that are sure to please. Shopping here is a feel good experience. BTW, the Goulart Linguica as it sizzles on the grill or fries up in the pan smells most like our homemade. Still waiting to dig in and compare the flavors. Yum.

PS The Goulart’s not only smells as it cooks like my brother’s recipe it tastes very similar. Delicious! I say it’s in the smoking!

Tinolang Manok

Delicious Chicken Soup

Filipino Chicken Soup

Doesn’t this look fabulously delish! I wish I had some this very minute. A shy friend of mine made this for my mother. (See her food photo, next page. She advised me that noodles are really not part of this dish.) I say shy because she’d rather remain anonymous. And since she has yet another recipe for me, Filipino Adobo Style Chicken, I must respect her wishes.

Both recipes, the second coming up later today, are amazing and so healthy too.

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Mother’s Day Chocolate

Chocolate Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

For the Mother’s Day chocolate fix. I’ve had a big fix with Edible Arrangement goodies (Thank you, Stephen) but a little more chocolate never hurts. Here’s a perfectly easy Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that will please anyone who is a chocoholic.

Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!

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Santa Maria Beans

Santa Maria Beans



It’s pretty obvious beans are a favorite of mine and my family … well, at least most of the family anyway. This is the time of year for barbecue and tri-tip. In the sunny Santa Barbara area of California Santa Maria barbecued tri-tip and poquito beans are on the menu. Add these beans to your barbecue for a tasty side dish. I like to cook these as a main dish too.



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Moistest Chewy Oatmeal Bars

Moistest Oatmeal Bars or CookiesYou’re looking for the Moistest Oatmeal Cookie? Your search is over! These are perfectly moist and chewy too. This is one cookie I wouldn’t feel guilty about eating as part of my breakfast. Packed with the best ingredients! Making these for someone who prefers maraschino cherries (doesn’t sound like a bad idea) to raisins in her own oatmeal cookie recipe … But I’ve added dates, cranberries and silvered almonds to my recipe. Enjoy the texture, moistness and taste of yet another of my oatmeal cookie recipes.

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