Old Fashioned Tamale Pie

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Old Fashioned Tamale Pie

Here’s my mother’s original Tamale Pie Recipe. I couldn’t help but make some changes … like decreasing the cup of oil to 1/3 cup, not noticeably either, and decreasing the tablespoon of salt to 2 teaspoons. I can’t imagine this recipe with a tablespoon of salt! The 3 tablespoons of chili powder take this to a mildly hot dish. Decrease if you aren’t into it. I’ve also beefed up the texture with medium ground cornmeal and I stick to a high quality stone ground cornmeal.

I know you won’t confuse this with Tortilla Pie but for a little more Mexican food authenticity try it, here. Or if you’re looking for an updated Tamale Pie recipe with cheese try this, here. Although this Old Fashioned Tamale Pie doesn’t have cheese it isn’t missed … And I’m into cheeses. It’s delicious!

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A Lifestyle Blog to Watch


sapphirediaries.comMissy’s blog is up and going strong! See the latest styles coming out of LA and Orange County. You can shop right on her blog! When she says she is a lifestyle blogger her interests cover her home as well. She’s going to be showing home remodeling in the near future. And while she’s a bit private expect a little about family too.

Missy, my daughter, has always been my role model. Ha! Typically the other way around with mothers and daughters.

Check out her blog sapphirediaries.com, new, fresh, stylish and fun!


Oven Overnight Pot Roast

Overnight Pot RoastGreat meal in itself BUT I actually made this to use the meat in an Old Fashioned Tamale Pie. How easy this is! Yes, I have a crock pot but there is something just a little better about a roast coming from the oven. Follow this simple recipe and by morning you have a deliciously cooked pot roast.

The meat from this pot roast is to be used in my Old Fashioned Tamale Pie. In the meantime, enjoy this pot roast and a newer version of my Tamale Pie, here.

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Packed with Ingredients

Fresh Spinach Lasagna

Fresh Spinach LasagnaYep, that’s Sharp Cheddar! Cottage Cheese? Can I really call this lasagna? Well, it has lasagna noodles and marinara sauce … so, I guess so. For me, I prefer the traditional lasagna but I was making this for someone who requested some changes.

It always amazes me how much our tastebuds are influenced by the foods we experienced as children. Why cottage cheese? The texture is less grainy than ricotta, she says. And sharp cheddar? I couldn’t do the Velveeta! Quickly sauté 8 ounces of spinach and layer it in … It may not be traditional but it is delicious. And a one dish meal. Continue reading