Easy Side: Macaroni and Tomatoes

Macaroni and TomatoesEvery Summer for at least my teenage years my mother’s garden had an over abundance of tomatoes. We definitely were organic in those days because I remember the tomato worms as we called them. It was my job to pull them off the tomato vines. I still squirm to this day just thinking about them. Tomatoes were definitely one fruit my mother canned every summer. She peeled and cooked them for a bit before placing the fruit into quart jars. These canned tomatoes made the best spaghetti sauce. It was also a tradition to make macaroni and tomatoes on the day of the canning, mainly for mother and me. If you’re thinking Italian, this is definitely not an Italian recipe. I’m not sure of the origin. Mother would simply add elbow macaroni to the tomatoes and cook until the macaroni was tender, usually overcooked. Then came sugar, lots of it. I loved it! No this is not exactly that recipe! This is a great side dish to add to your summer barbecue. Light and tasty!

Tomatoes in Jars, take a tour of this site jansjars.blogspot.com for a beautiful view. Not unlike what I remember.
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Bake, Sauté or Grill Apple Slices

a Great Dessert

Apple Slices DessertThis no fuss dessert is perfect anytime of year. Summer grillin’ to winter baking. I love this fruit and it’s evident by the number of apple recipes I’ve posted. Well, I grew up with “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Hard to break the habit … and not a bad one at that! Add cinnamon or try a little Cognac for a dress up. Just Perfect!

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Japanese Eggplant Parmesan

Japanese Eggplant AppetizerThis friend of mine was telling me an easy way to roast Japanese eggplant on an electric stove top element … Followed by a dip in egg and…. She saved me a taste treat. And it was so delicious I couldn’t believe that’s all she did. So, as my son-in-law likes to say, a little R&D was called for. It was simple and successful even with my first attempt … and I added a little breading to my process to give it a bit of an Italian twist. I didn’t go as far as a drizzle of marinara and a sprinkle of Parmesan but could see this as a special addition.

Hope you too try and enjoy this simple but wonderful treat! BTW, if you frequently question whether you wish to try eggplant again because the outcome in the past has been chewy, tough or tasteless this Japanese Eggplant Appetizer will change your thinking.

Recipe in time for your Fourth Of July gathering!

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