Simple Tea Ring

Make It Sweet or Savory

Sweet or Savory Tea RingThis family favorite can be made just about anytime. The second rising can be delayed by refrigerating over-night (up to 24 hours) for an early morning breakfast addition or a dinner time pleaser. Cinnamon Pecan this time! But another favorite is Turkey Cranberry. Change up this simple recipe to please everyone. This recipe is one you’ll want to add to your favorites. It fills the kitchen with a lovely aroma. And gives the feel of Fall. I bet an apple filling would delight too.

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Ranch Pasta and Ham

For Everyone

Ranch Style Pasta and Ham

Not really Italian except for the pasta and Parmesan. Made for the little ones who are into ranch dressing … But come to find out, everyone loved this simple pasta dish. We have company and I opted to make this for our little guest. Mom had to see the ingredient list and do a taste test and she approved. The leftovers might even be tastier as the flavors increase.

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TriTip Salad Dinner

One Dish Meal

TriTip Salad

Not only is this a one dish meal, it’s prepared together, roasted tritip and vegetables. My family … we love a vegetable. This delicious main dish meal is so easy and foolproof. It’s perfect for family and guests. Pop this into the oven … it cooks quickly and is perfect for the summer days that are just too hot for outdoors. 108 degrees here today.  Add some asparagus to the red potatoes, red onion and red bells to balance the color. Yes, I was advised this might have just a  little too much red going on. You just can’t see the arugula. Five of us had no difficulty eating all of this delicious meal. Give it a try!

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Two Cookies in One Recipe

Olallieberry Bars or Shortbread-style Cookies

Olallieberry BarJust back from Cambria some days ago. If you’ve visited this quaint town on the western central coastline you’ve likely become familiar with the olallieberry. This sweet tart juicy berry is popular in Cambria … made into pies, jellies & jams, syrups and even candies. You might even find olallieberry port.

Olallieberries have been around for awhile … Some 60+ years. They are a cross between a loganberry and a variety of blackberry from another cross. If you taste a bit of tart raspberry in an olallieberry don’t be surprised. It’s genetically about 1/3 raspberry. For this recipe I used Linn’s Olallieberry Preserves, delicious on its own. I noticed the Linn’s jams and preserves are a bit more tart than I remember. This is their fruit forward movement … so I was informed. I’m assuming this to mean less sugar but there may be other changes. Whatever! It’s about the best I’ve ever tasted!

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Greens and White Bean Soup

With Croutons

Greens and Beans SoupAny time is a great time for soup! Hot or Cold weather makes no difference. I reach for soup just about anytime. Even more when I’m under the weather … tired, sad or have overdone with rich foods for days. It just perks me up, mood and all! This is one of my go to soups because I have the ingredients at hand & I love greens … And it’s a bit Italian and Portuguese, two of my favorite cuisines.

About the greens, I love escarole (a variety of endive) but kale and spinach are great substitutes and are readily available. I prefer using fresh greens in this soup but frozen will do in a pinch. Let’s get on with the recipe.

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Figs Are In Season

Fig Topping and Filling

Fig Topping

Beautiful figs … eat them quickly! Have you noticed you seldom see figs at your grocer’s even when in season. They’re a delicate fruit that spoils quickly. Several years ago I solved this problem by planting a fig tree in my yard … just plucking the fruit as needed once it ripens. It’s a pretty skinny tree but never fails to provide. I love using the leaves too when making a cheese tray for company.

Figs are a great fruit to have with wine and cheese. Eating the skin and all. For this dish I chose to peel the fruit but this recipe could equally be enjoyed with the skins if you appreciate the texture. Use this topping for ice cream, brie, or traditional pancakes as I’ve done here. Or, perhaps better yet fill crepes and top with whipping cream. If you have an abundance of figs and are into them as much as I use this as a filling on a simple white cake. For the rest of the year dried figs are a better option. Dried figs can be substituted for other dried fruit in recipes. Try my Prune Cake Recipe by adding dried figs instead.

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Whole Wheat & Honey Banana Bread

And Oatmeal Too!

Whole Wheat and Honey Banana BreadPacked? Yes! Heavy? No! A whole wheat take on Banana Bread. (See my earlier recipe, Hint of Orange Banana Nut Bread, a different approach but equally delicious.) Many old healthy recipes are beginning to fall away with the new thoughts about gluten. I’m still hanging onto this one until a little more data is in. This bread is a great breakfast bread. I just don’t get hungry right after eating. Or experience that crash! No extensive ingredient list and most ingredients are already in your pantry. Yes, this will remain in my recipe box. Hope you enjoy it too!

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