Rustic Yeast Cornbread Portuguese Style

The Perfect Accompaniment For Fall Soups

Rustic Yeast Cornbread Portuguese StylePerfect bread for soup! This deliciously dense flavorful bread has just the texture I love for a soup accompaniment. You can adjust the recipe to provide more or less cornmeal crunch. It’s up to you. So versatile. I love spooning beans or soup right over a slice. But I love it with butter too. If you want the true rustic crust spray the top of the loaf lightly with water just before baking … and the sides of the oven too every 15 minutes during baking. My recipe will truly become your own.

The prep time is minimal and the 2 rises are fast. Bakes in approximately 45-50 minutes. Allow 2-2 1/2 hours for the complete process. It’s worth it!

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Depression Era Soup

Depression Era SoupFunny how conversations change to food when you least expect it. And even more so to the Great Depression and food. Julie and I were conducting some minor business when we fell into such a conversation. I was interested in her four ingredient Depression Soup realizing many of our Comfort Foods today were the economical dishes created back then. Meat was a premium and often eaten only once a week with most meals predominately vegetarian. Butter & bread were often made at home and sliced bread was a luxury. Now we think of homemade bread as luxurious. Recipes with lots of ingredients weren’t practical. Sometimes it was the cost and others it was lack of availability. If you’re a Baby Boomer you might relate. Our grandparents and parents were hit hard and their food habits were heavily influenced. If you’ve ever heard clean your plate … Or have eaten SPAM or hot dogs as a meat substitute … or have eaten Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or Mock Apple Pie with Ritz Crackers you’ve experienced a bit of that history.

As with many old recipes measurements are often missing. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter and this is just one of those times. The main ingredients are white potatoes, fresh green beans, whole milk and butter. I couldn’t help but add a little onion but you don’t need to. This soup thickens nicely without any addition of flour. Read on for the recipe. And enjoy over and over this winter.

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Sunday Breakfast Andolini Style

Brunch Pizza

Sunny Breakfast Andolini Style

Naples, Italy to Manhattan through San Francisco, and now Oklahoma, Andolini’s present destination. If you’ve been as lucky as I you’ve stumbled upon Andolini’s restaurant. My first taste experience at Andolini’s Pizzeria was many years ago while visiting winter cold Owasso, Oklahoma. (Yep, road warrior days.) It was so unexpected. But my affection quickly took hold for Owasso and this little restaurant. Both have grown exponentially … many others caught on. I, too, became a homeowner there. A couple of weeks ago I came across this video of Mike Bausch, one of Andolini’s owners, making what he called a Santino Colazione. It looked so delicious I couldn’t resist. You’ve got to try this! He didn’t give the recipe for his perfect pizza dough but if you’re close enough to one of his restaurants I heard he sells it.

Are you like me? Do you feel a pizza crust can make or break a pizza? If you live near Andolini’s that’s easy. Or try contacting your favorite local pizzeria. But if this is not practical here are some good options for pizza crust among my recipes: Linguica Prosciutto Pizza, Italian Flat Bread, Stromboli It isn’t just the dough though, is it? It’s the way it’s cooked. I prefer a pizza stone but transferring on and off can be a bit of a nightmare. Try placing your pizza pan right on the pre-heated stone if you have trouble with the transfer. Another option is Mario Batali’s Pizza Pan and Griddle … baking the pizza to perfection. But let’s get onto the recipe!

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Coffee Rich Devil’s Food Cake

Made With Your Favorite Coffee

Coffee Rich Devil's Food Cake

It’s probably no surprise this is the busiest time of year for candy, and over 70% purchased will be chocolate. And when you add America’s favorite drink to the mix how can you go wrong. Chocolate and coffee are not only loved they are the classic combination! So why not add brewed coffee in place of water called for in this classic Devil’s Food Cake recipe. Sounds good to me! And add coffee to the buttercream frosting too. WOW! Coffee Rich Devil’s Food Cake, a delicious dessert. You just can’t go wrong! Use your favorite brewed coffee for that hint of favorite flavor. Have fun with it!

Try this Devil’s Food Recipe too.

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Mini Pumpkins Stuffed with Smoked Turkey

& Red Lemon-Butter Sauce

Mini Stuffed PumpkinsFrom one of my favorite restaurants right here in my home town. The Vintage Press has been around for many years. The food is 5 star. I love this family owned restaurant for so many reasons. Andy and I had our first date at the Vintage Press. Andy said he knew he was in trouble when I ordered the most expensive entree on the menu, haha. But in my defense (my husband was a prosecutor) we weren’t into wine in those days. Now I appreciate a wine that just might be more expensive than the entree. I have so much history here, Mother’s Day Brunches, a Wedding Reception, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and many dinners & brunches in between. The menu fluctuates very little except during holidays but what this means is the signature dishes are perfected. And the Chef shares many recipes! Who does that! I have to admit while my execution is very very good with this recipe the Chef has me beat. I changed the recipe up a bit and I will let you know where. I prefer turkey, in general, over chicken … just because. And I teased the idea of teaming the smoked turkey with provolone, there’s history there, but provolone just doesn’t work as well as Emmental or Jarlsberg. This is a seasonal dish at The VP. And I must say their pumpkins must be brought in special. They’re meaty not stringy. If you haven’t pumpkins this stuffing can work in acorn squash. And it goes without saying the Red Lemon-Butter Sauce is versatile as well. Enjoy!

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Cream Drizzled Stuffed Pumpkin Soup

Stuffed Pumpkin Soup

Out of the 80’s and with a few tweaks it works today. I came across some old newspapers just recently … One happened to be the Visalia Times Delta Cookbook ’81. There on page four was my Grandmother’s Portuguese Bean Soup. I’m a bit prejudice but this bean soup is still an award winner today. But the top prize actually went to Jay Glasgow for her Stuffed Pumpkin. I tried to recreate her recipe and found I was a bit lost without ingredient measurements which the recipe didn’t have. But today I’ll be giving a few pointers that help make this a no fail. This recipe is certainly simple in ingredients and prep. Definitely worth trying.

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Swiss Chard & Pasta with Cognac

Swiss Chard & PastaLove Swiss Chard! Team it with pasta and it’s perfect. I love the young tender colorful variety of chard I grow in my garden but this year with our current drought I was not as inspired. So, off to my local market! Now, the choices in my market are not many. I’m just excited to see fresh Swiss Chard even if it’s mature with large tough stalks. Just remove the stalk and the spine that travels up the leaf … It works! What remains is a tasty green to add to this pasta dish. Add a little Cognac and this simple dish dazzles. Just ask my guy. Yes, we like to accompany this with a nice wine and prosciutto, and it’s our main dish.

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