Winter Soups

Love love love soups! Hearty, healthy, satiating, warming, cozy, delicious one dish meals! What could be better this time of year!

Wintertime is Souptime

Wintertime is SouptimeIt’s Souptime! 25 Great Soup Recipes … New Ones on the way!


1. Tortilla 2. Pumpkin 3. Minestrone 4. Albondigas 5. Garden Variety

6. Spicy Tomato 7. Tinolang Manok with Bean Threads 8. Pizza 9. Sausage Navy Bean 10. Manhattan Clam Chowder

11. Basic Potato 12. Pasta Fagioli 13. Greens and Beans 14. Cauliflower 15. Boston Clam Chowder

16. Portuguese Green 17. Basque 18. Portuguese Bean 19. Sopas 20. Vegetarian Black Eyed Pea

21. Chunky Root Soup 22. Tinoling Manok 23. Sopas with Wine 24. Depression Era Potato 25. Chicken Soup

Chardonnay Cake

Two Ways

Chardonnay Cake With Buttercream or Citrus Drizzle

A cake with presence! This is our holiday cake this year. It’s liked by all the family. Yes, we have family not into chocolate nor cheesecake, pumpkin spice or nuts. This deliciously fits the bill. And it loosens up my time in the kitchen. For the recipe check out my original recipe post, Chardonnay Cake with Buttercream.

An alternative is a box mix version. Yes, I’ve made this too! Allrecipes’ Wine Cake,  here.

Quick, easy, and Holiday presentable!

Garlic Bread

In Search of the Perfect Recipe

Garlic BreadHave you seen the Garlic Bread on Crack Recipe! My photo version here. It’s buttery, garlicky & cheesy. And I love it! The problem is I love it too much. If served with a meal it becomes the meal. Yep, the pieces missing I ate while taking the photo. It’s true to its name. Oops! Check out the Recipe here if you dare.

Tom’s Garlic Bread Recipe
Garlic Bread

My vote for the Perfect Garlic Bread! Rich garlic butter taste with a crunchy Parmesan topping. Not too heavy with the richest of meals. Perfect! Thanks Tom! Hope I get the technique close to yours. Ann stated the taste is spot on.

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Ann’s Super Spaghetti Sauce

Ann's Spaghetti SauceAnn’s an amazing cook as well as a brilliant College Educator (Political Science, History, Economics … Yikes!), part-time Copywriter and she even entertains the idea of occasionally working at a nearby bookstore to be close to one of her favorite hobbies. So while she might spend all day in the kitchen putting together a special meal or dish, for the most part it’s just not practical with her schedule.

This sauce is so rich you’ll be convinced it’s been fussed over all day. Enjoy Ann’s Super (Fast) Spaghetti Sauce Recipe.

For a closer look at this lovely Portuguese Platter (exclusive at William Sonoma) check it out here. Marked down approximately 50% from the original price. Love Portuguese pottery. Thanks Ed. 😉

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Max’s Sweet and Saucy Birthday Party

Sweet and Saucy BirthdayWe love a party! And when you add Sweet and Saucy Shop to the mix … It’s just amazing. Max’s 3rd Birthday and what a time we had. 

Sweet and Saucy BirthdayMickey pancakes smothered in berries with bacon and eggs on the side. Mmm. Then the delicious cake from Sweet and Saucy. Check out this shop here. It’s amazing!

Sweet and Saucy BirthdayWe picked up a few extra treats to have later too.

Sweet and Saucy

Happy Birthday Max!