Estrada’s Style Macaroni

Look Alike Taste Alike

Eastrada's Style MacaroniGetting close to breaking the code! Just know this recipe is a knock off. The basics of the recipe are similar to the original but some of the products I suggest weren’t even available 100 years ago. In fact, the pasta here lacks the size (diameter) of the Estrada’s macaroni. The secret in part is to cook the pasta past the al dente stage to produce a softer larger noodle. This recipe can be tweaked and maybe even made more healthy in the eyes of some. In 1914 when this restaurant was opened the food experience was different and this recipe is meant to recapture that moment in history. Thank you Debbie for one of the original Estrada’s pitchers … And too helping with the taste test. I have made some changes after this taste test. The roux is all important.

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Portuguese Sloppy Joes

Portuguese Sloppy JoesDeliciously Spicy from start to finish. Ingredient filled but so worth the extra TLC because the results are amazing. Starting with a Portuguese Bread, try either of these recipes if you’re into bread making, Portuguese Sweet Bread or Papo Secos and then top with São Jorge Cheese. Substituting other rolls won’t make a big big difference to this recipe but do try this cheese if you haven’t. It has a flavor all it’s own and worth searching out. In fact, it makes an amazing breakfast of just cheese and bread. You may not be able to find it at your local supermarket but it’s available on-line. So is Portuguese Chourico. Linguica or Spanish Chorizo can be substituted for the Portuguese Chourico in a pinch. In our little city linguica is readily available while the others are not. I did find Spanish Chorizo at our local World Market … a temporary item I’m sure. Again, if you haven’t tried Portuguese Chourico it’s worth the search.

Enjoy this simple recipe! Not simple in taste.

For a mainland Portuguese sandwich try this recipe here.

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