24 Hour Salad

24 Hour SaladA great little salad you can revise. You can refrigerate for the full 24 hours but it’s great after just a few. I bet you can eat it immediately too … well, if the peas are thawed. It’s just a convenient recipe. Who makes a green salad 24 hours ahead!

Family gobbled it up so fast. Even those non-vegetable family members said, “This is a salad I can eat!” BTW, it doesn’t have to be measured perfectly to be perfect!

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Cranberry Shortbread Cookies

Cranberry Shortbread Cookies

New version of the shortbread cookie. Cranberry fits, doesn’t it! What I like best about these cookies besides the deliciously buttery shortbread taste … they keep fresh longer, longer than many cookies … about 5 days. Not that they’ll last that long! But it’s a cookie you can make ahead. Like I have made here for my Thanksgiving crowd. Yes, we’ll have pies! But the days leading up to Thanksgiving we have to have dessert on those days too!

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Great Thanksgiving Sides & More

Thanksgiving Sides1. Apple Cranberry Chutney 2. Stuffed Mini Pumpkins 3. Beet & Arugula Salad 4. Portuguese Greens

5. Italian Mac-N-Cheese 6. Country Green Beans 7. Sautéed Green Beans 8. Macaroni & Cheese

9. Shredded Potatoes 10. Chopped Salad 11. Portuguese Peas 12. Dijon Potatoes with Green Beans

13. Roasted Red Potatoes 14. Cheese Potatoes 15. Standing Rib Roast 16. Au Gratin Potatoes

17. Tenderloin Roast 18. Turkey Alcatra


Tomato Soup Cake

Tomato Soup CakeSpice Cake made with applesauce I can understand. Or Pumpkin, here. But with Tomato Soup! I’m not sure who decided this was a good idea decades ago. But if it becomes your birthday cake at 10 and you long for it each year and you’re now 71 I’d say that’s a pretty good indication Tomato Soup Cake is tasty. The question is, are all Tomato Soup Cakes alike. Nope! While many can say they can’t taste the soup I’m not sure I can’t in certain recipes. In this recipe the spices are healthy measurements. Yes, I believe certain spices are healthy too. Here I mean plentiful. Enjoy this spice cake recipe. Add nuts and raisins or not. We prefer it that way but it holds up if your pantry is bare.

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Instant Tortilla Soup

Instant Chicken Tortilla SoupTraditional Chicken Soup is an all time favorite but the request is for something with a little more spice. Of course everyone is hungry now. Let’s see what I have in the pantry! And how can I extend 8 ounces of chicken breast to feed 4 hungry adults? This was so quick it was ready to eat in less than 15 minutes. If using 10 ounces of canned chicken it’s ready as soon as it heats through. And taste? My tasting critic, “it’s the best Chicken Tortilla Soup I’ve eaten.”

I’ll be providing a few substitution ideas too.

Here’s another Tortilla Soup Recipe for you to try!

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