Chocolate Cheesecake Dessert

Chocolate Cheesecake DessertThe Perfect Dessert for tonight! We’re having a little family for dinner, my spaghetti & meatballs, and this delicious dessert. Will’s favorite pie is my chocolate, here. But I’m thinking this is going to be a favorite too. I’ve hung onto this recipe for some time but never tried it. It’s a Ghirardelli. Mildly chocolate and a pretty simple bake. More chocolate can be added if you’re into a pretty heavy chocolate taste.

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Broccoli Rice

Broccoli Rice

An old time recipe reinvented. Both recipes are here for you to enjoy. The original looks to be a tweaked Campbell’s Soup recipe, my Mother’s recipe. The second is revised for the family vegetarians, my recipe. For a carnivorous main dish add a little cooked chicken. Okay, this is not a dish that will knock off socks but it is a vegetable dish you’ll enjoy.

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Good Ol’ Fashioned Deviled Eggs

And Much Much More

Old Fashioned Deviled EggsMy food critic informed me his favorite deviled eggs are his Mother-in-law’s! But he doesn’t even like eggs! How can that be! Deviled eggs are a personal thing … there’s no one perfect recipe. My fav’s my Grandmother’s (can’t duplicate it) but you had to be quick to get a taste. I’m not exactly old fashioned but I love old fashioned recipes. I’ve gathered together a few I feel will please using cookbooks from the distant past. Choose one or two to try. And for that really special occasion use the sauce recipe too.

Deviled egg recipes usually have both mayonnaise and mustard but don’t limit yourself when putting your recipe together. Any number of different ingredients can be added to personalize yours. Enjoy!

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eggstravaganzaWhat to do with those hardboiled eggs! Here are some recipe ideas. Not just sides but main dishes too. I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all.

Sour Cream and Onion Potato Salad

Salads and Dressings

Greens with Eggs and Ham

Tweaked Classic Best Foods Potato Salad

Portuguese Peas

Chicken, Rice & Eggs

Eggs, Ham and Mushrooms


Leftover raw eggs Too?

Butter Sponge Cake

Butter Sponge Cake

Eggs & Potatoes

Spinach and Eggs

Pound Cake

Pound Cake

Coconut Pound Cake

Just for Spring

Coconut Pound CakeYou gotta love coconut! Here’s a great dessert for that Spring gathering. Don’t tell anyone but I love this with my morning coffee. Works perfectly for brunch. This is not a family recipe but one I found, in a Country Door catalogue, … not that I didn’t tweak it a bit. Shopping on line is a must and what this means … I receive every imaginable catalogue out there, no matter what! The home decorating catalogues give me good ideas without me spending a dime. Yes, I move my home furnishings around a lot. Ha! And yep, they often have recipes sprinkled in. As for clothing catalogues … I’d rather rely on my daughter instead, Sapphire Diaries. Now for that recipe.

Here is another recipe you may enjoy, too! Coconut Cake with Caramel Rum Sauce

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Right Out of Terceira

AlcatraNope, not Grandma Rose’s recipe but she’d rave about this if she’d a taste. A young friend who shares recipes with me now and again says this will be prepared as one of the meats served at Easter. Melissa’s family is right out of Terceira. She just had a birthday and complains she’s in her thirties. Ha. Albeit she’s been cooking since she was a child. Her recipes, yep I’ve tasted her Portuguese Beans, are a mixture of traditional Portuguese and well, American dishes. She tweaks her American dishes but her traditional dishes not so much. I tweaked this one just a little … lack of availability of slab bacon or “bacon steak” as Melissa calls it, and well, my handful of spices may be different from Melissa’s. Slab bacon isn’t really too difficult to find but I wanted to make the dish now … And not have to travel 40 minutes to our special Portuguese grocer.

Warning, this dish is not for the faint of heart … it’s rich and you just can’t stop at one serving.

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