Pozole Verde Soup Portuguese Style

Pozole Verde SoupThree bowls later I’ve decided this is a keeper. My guy friend checking out the local sports bars in Visalia fell for Rookie’s Posole Verde Soup. Three days in a row or was it four! His excuse was Fitbit steps as each day around noon off he went walking Main Street. I’m not sure if he topped it off with a draft, his usual reason for stopping at Rookies. But he couldn’t say enough about this soup. I decided then and there to create Posole Verde Soup, my style, Portuguese style. Would you believe I’m not the first to use linguica.

Chicken or pork or a combination is most often used for the authentic Mexican style soup or stew. Posole or Pozole means hominy, a main ingredient. And verde is everything green; tomatillos, jalapeños, poblanos, avocado, cilantro and lime.

What fun creating this soup! And yep, I did have three bowls to determine just how much I loved it. The lime adds just what’s needed to bring forth the flavors. So, don’t skip it!

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Blackberry Sorbet

DSC_0007It was a big deal and even a bigger job … making ice cream with a crank style maker when I was a kid. Mom would put together the specifically purchased ingredients while Dad drove off to the ice house for a burlap bag of chunked ice. And hopefully one of them remembered the rock salt. Dad was the only one with the strength to turn the ol’ rusty crank and even he had a time. It seemed like hours but I’m sure more like 30 minutes of constant churning before Dad would declare it was done. I miss those days but I can make ice cream so much easier. I use a Cuisinart.

It wasn’t until almost noon that we decided we might enjoy a Blackberry Sorbet for dessert. The bowl insert needed freezer time before use. Popped it into the freezer … no ice or salt with this. We’d be ready to rock-n-roll in 6 hours, the time it takes the liquid inside the bowl to freeze solid. Just put together the berry mixture … 4 easy ingredients.

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Lemon Curd & Raspberries with Chantilly Cream

Blueberry with Chantilly Cream

Tartlets for July 4th 2017Love this dessert. Absolutely perfect for the Fourth! The rich crust is amazingly simple with only three ingredients. The flavorful Lemon Curd is refreshingly tart. And the Chantilly Cream is just what’s needed to tame a bit of the tartness. The blueberries with just a hint of nutmeg are juicy delicious. Red-White-Blue … Happy Fourth of July!

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Macaroni Salad

Perfect for the Fourth

Macaroni salad


Whatever macaroni or pasta you use this is sure to please those hungry picnickers. Try this patriotic pasta from World Market but don’t be surprised when all the color disappears with the cooking. The shapes get a little lost too in the thick dressing. With that said, this is an amazing macaroni salad. That’s a bit patriotic too, isn’t it? Once you have the pasta chosen, your choice, the rest is really simple. Add or subtract ingredients to cater to family and friends. Delicious!

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