Chai Cake with Pecan Topping

Chai Cake with Pecan Topping White cake to Chai! And because I wasn’t satisfied with the height, after all, this was  for someone’s special birthday, spiced nuts in caramel sauce were added. It was an absolute hit!

Friends and Family Blending Palettes! A little wine and fine (fun) painting … this cake, a platter of Italian meats and more … It was a perfect evening.

Chai Cake, Chai Candied Pecans, Caramel Sauce and Buttercream … all here!

Chai Cake



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Quick & Easy Bolognese

BologneseThere is nothing more delicious in the world of pasta sauces than a good bolognese. This sauce is often a long cook and if you have a “want it now” mentality like I do now and again, a four hour recipe is just not going to get it. You may even prefer this to a slow cook … maybe because the ingredients have not broken down in the cooking process. I love serving this sauce over tagliatelle pasta. I think you’ll like it!

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