Slow Cooker Soups

For A Month

If you’re like me and your soup recipes grow as you go you may want to start with a seven quart slow cooker instead of a four. I was definitely my grandmother’s sous chef … learning very quickly that measuring soup ingredients was overrated. Today’s soup recipe is no exception. Yep, it started overflowing. Just had to put in those extra veggies!  No excuse … I need a new slow cooker! Mine is a bit dated (still calling it a crock pot), not pretty like the new ones  And has only two functions, low & high heat.

If this looks like Minestrone it is! It’s the first of my month long slow cooker soup recipes. I love the homey feel of a soup simmering all day … And a fireplace with a crackling fire to scoot up by. I’ll be adding a few bread recipes along the way too. My Portuguese Rolls are perfect for tonight’s soup!

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Holiday Hot Drink Bar

Make it easy on yourself and fun for family and guests. Make it simple and beautiful like my daughter’s, bottom right. Or make it old fashioned like me. Add a few cookies, small cakes, sweet pastries and dessert or continental breakfast preparation is done that fast. It is so cozy.

Great Ideas

Peppermint sticks for coffee, tea & hot chocolate stirrers
Crushed peppermint shaker
Cinnamon shaker
Caramel drizzler
Chocolate dipped spoons
Flavored chantilly cream
Espresso with liquor (Anisette, Kahlúa, Baileys, Frangelico)
For a complete Hot Chocolate Bar, here

Linguica, Fava and Onions

Linguica Fava OnionsMany of you have followed my brother’s recipes. They’re amazing! He can make a Whole Wheat Bread to die for! His Pit Beef can’t be surpassed. His duck, now there is one amazing Wild Duck. But his passion is making linguica. So, a few weeks ago after spending 4 1/2 hours hand cutting 75 pounds of pork butt, putting everything together for marinating, and claiming this will be the best batch of Homemade Linguica yet! … And his very last go-at-it! HE FORGOT THE CUMIN! This ex-Arkansas Razorback isn’t into tears and he wasn’t when he broke the news but there was definitely disappointment in his voice. He is sending me some for Christmas and I’m sure it won’t need too much dressing up. He’s let me know he now has to make another batch … one last perfect batch.

If you’re into this recipe you might also like Peas Linguica & Eggs

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Caramel Cake

DSC_0022-2An oldie with a mild caramel flavor. This 50’s Betty Crocker recipe has been revised just a bit. The natural flavor is wonderful. While not a special occasion cake exactly it’s great for a weekend dinner. The icing is creamy and the secret here is to beat until it reaches the correct consistency. This pretty much requires an electric mixer for best results.

When you’re not into chocolate and want something with a little flavor beyond a yellow cake this is the recipe for you.

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