Berries Smoothie – Day 3

Berries Smoothie





Your choice of berry for this treat! I used my all time favorites, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry.



It’s no surprise my daughter has chosen a smoothie as a go-to snack. Her food choices very early on were healthy, simple, mostly raw, and always always fresh.

We always remember, too, the importance of an attractive dining experience to enhance every bite … or slurp. What do you think of this glass tumbler! It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe. Check out this product … sold on Etsy. We love new and unique products! Yes, the straw is glass!

First, with this recipe I got so carried away with all the berries … loading up the blender … that my finished product was tart. I love berries, tart or sweet. If you have a preference keep in mind the berries you choose. Raspberries tend to be less sweet. You may wish to add honey to your smoothie or other sweetener.


Makes about 16 ounces

1-1 1/2 Cups mixed berries
1 Cup ice cubes
1/4 Cup slightly sweetened almond milk
1/2 cup Raspberry-cranberry juice (Apple juice might be an option for sweeter taste.)

Blend and pour into your favorite glass!

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