Bloody Beer Recipe

DSC_0002This is a meal … my thought when drinking! ┬áI love everything that goes into this drink! Low sodium … Not! Low salt V-8 Juice can be subbed for the Clamato Juice. Measuring isn’t really necessary. Here’s what I do. Chill your glasses for a few minutes first. This makes it easier to rub the rim in salt or Tajin (chile powder, dehydrated lime juice & of course, salt). Next add ice to your glass or not. Pour the glass 1/3 full with Clamato Juice, more or less. Fill the glass the rest of the way your fav beer. Splash a little of each of the following: Tabasco Sauce (or your fav hot sauce), Maggi Seasoning (Tabasco & Maggi to taste … a few drops might be all you need.) and lastly a true splash of Worcestershire Sauce. Stir. Add a lime slice or not. Maggi is delicious on so many foods. It does contain MSG as well as Clamato Juice and most brands of Worcestershire Sauce.

Pronouncing Worcestershire a challenge? Here’s a whole lesson┬áincluding a little history if you’re into it.


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