Good Ol’ Fashioned Deviled Eggs

And Much Much More

Old Fashioned Deviled EggsMy food critic informed me his favorite deviled eggs are his Mother-in-law’s! But he doesn’t even like eggs! How can that be! Deviled eggs are a personal thing … there’s no one perfect recipe. My fav’s my Grandmother’s (can’t duplicate it) but you had to be quick to get a taste. I’m not exactly old fashioned but I love old fashioned recipes. I’ve gathered together a few I feel will please using cookbooks from the distant past. Choose one or two to try. And for that really special occasion use the sauce recipe too.

Deviled egg recipes usually have both mayonnaise and mustard but don’t limit yourself when putting your recipe together. Any number of different ingredients can be added to personalize yours. Enjoy!

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Olive Dip

Olive DipWinding down … Summer about to end. Squeezing in as many barbecues as possible. Enjoying icy wines in the now less than 3 digit heat. If you’re doing the same and need a new quick dip recipe here it is! This recipe is inspired by the 3 ingredient dip recipe in the latest Wine Enthusiast magazine. The September edition has a beautiful Porchetta, a Beer Braised Chicken and so many more delicious recipes. It’s an amazing issue!

I’ve changed up the recipe because I love Greek olives but any black olive will do. I’ll bet homemade green olives would work, Leonard! (My cousin, who cures his own.) Instead of Parmesan (I was fresh out) I used Asiago. Take a look at this easy recipe. You’ll love it!

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Hot Ham and Cheese

Hot Ham and Cheese


Here’s a twist on an old time favorite. Feeds a group easily. Make it your own by adding a few of your favorite condiments. I love this for my guy who’s looking forward to a great lunch after golf. Take this recipe and change it up with small bread slices for that special tea or reception. This actually can be served without the baking. Just a handy recipe to have around.



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Roasted Eggplant Dip

Roasted Eggplant Dip

Japanese Eggplant are so easy to grow. Two plants can overwhelm me with so much fruit. I had to quickly think of something. I had Roasted, made Ratatouille, and Cooked with Orzo. Even used in my Eggplant Parmesan, prefer the larger variety for this. (The larger variety can be used in this recipe instead, and you may prefer. Just cut one large unpeeled eggplant into one-inch squares.) This is what I came up with! And what a great idea for these hot summer evenings (with wine, of course).

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JalapeÑo Popper DipJalapeño Poppers Dip

Great Game Day Dip! Super fast to put together. Make it spreadable for crackers or add a little mayonnaise or sour cream for a creamier textured dip. If you’re in charge of Super Bowl Sunday snacks you’ll appreciate the simplicity. And believe me it will go fast. Just the right amount of heat … a happy medium for everyone. Slice and serve extra jalapeño on-the-side for those who must have hot.


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Valentine'sYep, I definitely have a prejudice about Valentine’s … Must haves: My Guy’s Favorites, Hors d’oeuvres & Wine, Chocolate, Rich Desserts, & Roses. Oops, forgot Jewelry. I have four children and we do our Valentine’s Day cards and cookies but the night is mine. And hopefully it isn’t alone … a great Italian movie, in a pinch.

Italian Cuisine is most often my choice but I’ve made roasted turkey, brisket, prime rib, broiled chicken, or just had wine with hors d’oeuvres depending on the guy. lol It’s just fun to cook up something he likes.

Some great food ideas for Valentine’s. More … Decadent Valentine’s Desserts next Post.

Wine & Cheese


Salmon with Pasta

Italian Pantry Pasta


Blue Cheese Filet

Stuffed Mushrooms



Ribs and Garlic Mash

German Chocolate

Chicken Involtini