“Tac Quitos” For Kenzie With Guacamole

Taquitos and Guacamole

For Winter Solstice our family will celebrate with Mexican Cuisine. We pretty much do this every year. I usually order out for the appetizers and stick to cooking the main dishes. When these are so easy, why? After making my Shredded Beef these Taquitos were a cinch! And I cheated a little with the Guacamole. It’s my son’s, Ian, and his wife’s recipe. Thank you Ann. Ann received her inspiration for their Guacamole from the California Avocado Commission. Check out this site for great avocado recipes of all kinds.

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Portuguese Pizza Or Folár De Carne

Portuguese Meat Bread Meets Italian Pizza = Amazing!

Linguica Prosciutto Pizza
















All about the crust and olive oil!

Add meats and it’s closest to meat bread. But this is one of those recipes that easily becomes vegetarian even vegan. Make this extra special by using Portuguese olive oil. There’s a definite taste difference even a non-discriminating palate can detect. That’s me! Haven’t met a quality olive oil I didn’t like. Olive oil replaces the typical pizza sauce.

This bread dough recipe is great for pizza crust. Make your crust thick, 12-13 inch pizza, or thin and crispy, 14-15 inch pizza. Perfect either way.


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This Versatile Topper Works

As An Appetizer or A Pasta Dish

Appetizer or Pasta DishUse this recipe to top your favorite cracker or toast for an appetizer. Or place this over a thin spaghetti or angel hair for a deliciously light meal.

Family is coming to visit this week. And wanted to get in this post before all heck breaks loose. (If my family reads this, oops, sorry.)

YES, we have winners in the Giveaway. To be announced soon!

Hope you try this very easy tasty recipe! I submitted this in Martha Stewart’s Triscuit Contest just for fun.

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Guests With An Unknown Time Of Arrival +
A Storm With A Potential Outage =

Wine and Cheese Dinner Tonight

Wine and Cheese Dinner

At least that’s my excuse!

You don’t need to be a connoisseur of wine or cheese to put together a nice dinner like this. Choose a variety of cheese textures, add fruit & nuts, bread & crackers. There are so many change ups you can do! Dried fruit is amazing! Want fresh figs but can’t find them this time of year. Substitute dried ones.

Brie, Parmesan-reggiano, Blue Cheese, Gouda are pictured here and are some of my very favorites. Pinot Noir is one of my favorite wine varietals. It will pair well with the Brie and Parmesan … Blue Cheese, maybe a Port, and Gouda a Merlot. Give your guests a variety of cheeses and wine choices … White wines are great too. It’s just fun to try out for yourself.

I do recommend high quality cheese. Brie is a soft cheese with a distinctive white rind. The rind is edible but is often not consumed because of the strong flavor. Do sample the Brie, rind and all, before you purchase if you can … Flavors differ widely. About Parmesan-reggiano … Fortunately I’ve never met one I didn’t like. The rind is edible as well but really chewy. I prefer to use this rind in a soup or sauce to add flavor. Gouda, a medium soft cheese, is usually covered with a wax. This wax is not edible.

The choices are endless here. Be fearless!

Potato (and Egg) Stuffed Bell Peppers

And Pan Toasted Bread With Linguica

Potato Stuffed Bell Pepper

These stuffed bells are versatile. Breakfast, lunch or dinner menu works … even a side dish. Without the egg this is a perfect vegan dish … My daughter will be pleased.

I’ve teamed up this family brunch with Pan Toasted Bread and Linguica. The guys will go for the linguica. Me too. Oops. This Pan Toasted Bread and Linguica is an easy quick fix and can second as an appetizer too.

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Portuguese Style Chicken Wings &

Blue Cheese Dip

Super bowl or Anytime

Chicken Wings Portuguese Style

These Chicken Wings, Portuguese Style, are spicy enough to be called Buffalo wings. Serve with a blue cheese dip and you have a crowd pleaser. Add heat with cayenne pepper. Or if you have few guests that appreciate hot … have a great hot sauce on the side.

Crispy when baked in the oven. Crunchy when pan fried for a few minutes and then placed into the oven to finish cooking.

Chicken Wings Portuguese Style with Blue Cheese Dip for Super Bowl Sunday!

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