Pumpkin Pound Cake

DSC_0015It’s a birthday cake for a special friend! He’s so into “The Surprise Cake.” And Tomato Soup Cake is what he usually gets. This year I’ve been changing up everyone’s birthday cake. My bad! I came across this pound cake recipe, Land O’Lakes, and it just sounded so amazing. Land O’Lakes dairies are pretty prevalent around here, Tulare County. And my special friend’s mother only used Land O’Lakes Butter. Seemed like good reasons to give myself a pass and move forward. It was perfect! He loved the texture and the spicy pumpkin pie taste. And believe it or not it gets more moist with time. Did I say it has lots of butter! Give this Land O’Lakes Pumpkin Pound Cake Recipe a try. My only revision suggestion: Fold in 2/3 cup each raisins and chopped walnuts at the end of mixing. Happy Birthday Friend!

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Mix Makeover

Chai Cake with Pecan Topping

Chai Cake with Pecan Topping White cake to Chai! And because I wasn’t satisfied with the height, after all, this was  for someone’s special birthday, spiced nuts in caramel sauce were added. It was an absolute hit!

Friends and Family Blending Palettes! A little wine and fine (fun) painting … this cake, a platter of Italian meats and more … It was a perfect evening.

Chai Cake, Chai Candied Pecans, Caramel Sauce and Buttercream … all here!

Chai Cake



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Triple Layer Cookie Bar

Shortbread Brownie Chocolate Chip Bar

triple layer cookie barMotivated by the Brookster. Didn’t even know about The Brookster or Baked until my recent trip to Tribeca. The cookie was amazing. Thought about recreating it, two of my favorite cookies baked together. Weeks went by and I hadn’t made any cookies at all … unusual since I love homemade cookies right from the oven. I began feeling cookie deprived, craving my favorites. Why not bake my three favorites together. Know it will work! And here it is, a three layer cookie bar!

Take a tour of Baked while I put together the Triple Layer Cookie Bar recipe.









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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's DayMother’s Day was much different decades ago. Mainly a greeting card day. I loved the crafts created by my children and have saved almost all to their horror. For my mom I often made cookies because while she always claimed she didn’t like sweets she never refused them especially cookies. Today, I’ll be celebrating with a nice brunch at the VP, one of my favorite local restaurants. My children have made this day a big deal and I’m almost a little embarrassed but I love it! Enjoy some of my Mother’s favorite sweets. And Happy Mother’s Day!

Butterscotch cookiesCountry-style berry cobblerCandy Bar CookiesButter Sponge CakeFavorite French Apple Pie


Chocolate Cheesecake Dessert

Chocolate Cheesecake DessertThe Perfect Dessert for tonight! We’re having a little family for dinner, my spaghetti & meatballs, and this delicious dessert. Will’s favorite pie is my chocolate, here. But I’m thinking this is going to be a favorite too. I’ve hung onto this recipe for some time but never tried it. It’s a Ghirardelli. Mildly chocolate and a pretty simple bake. More chocolate can be added if you’re into a pretty heavy chocolate taste.

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eggstravaganzaWhat to do with those hardboiled eggs! Here are some recipe ideas. Not just sides but main dishes too. I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all.

Sour Cream and Onion Potato Salad

Salads and Dressings

Greens with Eggs and Ham

Tweaked Classic Best Foods Potato Salad

Portuguese Peas

Chicken, Rice & Eggs

Eggs, Ham and Mushrooms


Leftover raw eggs Too?

Butter Sponge Cake

Butter Sponge Cake

Eggs & Potatoes

Spinach and Eggs

Pound Cake

Pound Cake

Coconut Pound Cake

Just for Spring

Coconut Pound CakeYou gotta love coconut! Here’s a great dessert for that Spring gathering. Don’t tell anyone but I love this with my morning coffee. Works perfectly for brunch. This is not a family recipe but one I found, in a Country Door catalogue, … not that I didn’t tweak it a bit. Shopping on line is a must and what this means … I receive every imaginable catalogue out there, no matter what! The home decorating catalogues give me good ideas without me spending a dime. Yes, I move my home furnishings around a lot. Ha! And yep, they often have recipes sprinkled in. As for clothing catalogues … I’d rather rely on my daughter instead, Sapphire Diaries. Now for that recipe.

Here is another recipe you may enjoy, too! Coconut Cake with Caramel Rum Sauce

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Apple Raisin Cobbler

Apple Raisin CobblerThis is so quick and easy to make and perfect for breakfast. My Valentine had this for his breakfast! Very little added sugar, salt & fat. In fact, you could cut back on all three without poor results. Amazingly rich! Yes, you must love raisins! This old recipe is taken from my Mother’s favorites. Charlotte, one of Mother’s best friends, put this together. You might have enjoyed Charlotte’s Pineapple Cream Angel Food Cake, here. Now another terrific recipe … both must haves.

A recipe so easy you might believe it can’t pass as a company dessert. Just know these ladies were into classy. Everything they cooked was perfect for guests. Enjoy!

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Vermont Maple Syrup Baked Apples

Vermont Baked Apples

Vermont is one of my favorite places this time of year. So this recipe just seems fitting! Yep, for this recipe I use pure maple syrup from Vermont, one of the only three ingredients. When ingredients are few you opt for the very best! I must admit I’ve never been to Vermont except through the stories of a very close friend and the many movies with Vermont as the backdrop. And who hasn’t heard Willie Nelson’s version of Moonlight in Vermont.

Enjoy this really simple dessert or breakfast that makes up in minutes for a crowd or just one. BTW, World Market has quite an assortment of pure maple syrups. I haven’t ordered from here yet but check out The Vermont Country Store. Looks amazing!

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