Healthy and Filling

Missy's Pretty Breakfast

Here is what my daughter, Missy, wrote about her recipe several years ago: I am always hungry, but this delicious oatmeal keeps me full and satisfied. My brilliant fiancé says that almonds help get rid of belly fat, and the protein in them is supposed to speed up your metabolism. The flaxseed makes you poop which is always lovely. The cinnamon makes it taste nice and cozy, and you would be surprised how many health benefits cinnamon has! Try out the oatmeal for yourself.

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A No fail muffin A Perfect Vegan Muffin

Perfect Vegan Muffin

Although no longer a vegan my daughter continues with many recipes she created along the way. This muffin recipe is adapted from Tanya Bernard’s and Sarah Kramer’s Anything Goes recipe from their book How it all Vegan!

Missy like many young adults finds her time is very limited. These muffins can be whipped up and in the oven in less than ten minutes. We hope you will try this healthy rich tasting muffin recipe. The recipe follows.

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