Pineapple Cream Filled Cake

Angel Food or Even Pound Cake

Pineapple Cream Angel Food CakeCharlotte’s Pineapple Cream Filling Angel Cake … right out of my mother’s collection of recipes. I know Charlotte. Mother and she were friends for about 75 years. And this recipe is still making the rounds … I’ve seen similar recipes in my computer search. Though the differences of yesterday’s recipe compared to today’s is pretty significant. From whipping cream to Cool Whip and cooked pudding to instant pudding mix. I’m not sure I’m a fan of either of these time savers. I’ve modified Charlotte’s recipe to make this a little simpler but the beauty of this crowd pleaser remains.

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Banana Nut Cake

Caramel Glaze

Banana Nut Cake with Caramel Glaze

This is an old fashioned recipe or two … made for my mother. She has been very ill and you may have noticed this has impacted my posting. She is recuperating well and I’m making my way back to full swing.

This quick dessert is a simple 8 inch square banana cake … One of those last minute one bowl mixes providing a use for those over-ripe bananas. Delicious with coffee, tea or milk.

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Texas Sheet Cake Roll

Good Idea Or Not!

Texas Sheet Cake

This might have worked if I’d gone about it at a slower pace … Letting things cool a bit … rolling the cake in a towel sprinkled with powered sugar. But iffy at best. This is a heavy cake not spongy like most cake rolls. Why did I even attempt this? It seemed like a good idea at the time … It wasn’t just an exercise … It was about presentation.

Have you tried a slice of Texas Sheet Cake? It’s amazing! And can feed a crowd. But let’s say you’re not having a barbecue and you want to have this moist delicious chocolaty cake for a more formal event. The sheet cake presentation, well, is lacking.

So, here is my Texas Sheet Cake recipe but unrolled.

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Low Calorie Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

A dozen years have passed since I snipped this recipe from now an unknown magazine. The recipe gives no credit to the creator. And the backside of the recipe is an advertisement for “2004 medical breakthroughs.” It’s a mystery! I’m not even sure I’d given the recipe a try until now. I just love the ingredients. Well, it does have a cake mix. Yikes! But take a look at the ingredients and see what you think.

One reason this recipe is low calorie is the frosting which, of course, I didn’t use. I used my standby Butter Cream. I have included the Marshmallow Creme Frosting Recipe … simple.

This is a recipe worth trying! And I’ve made a few changes just because it’s simpler.

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Devil’s Food Cake

A Cake To Soothe A Broken Heart

Devil's Food Cake

You might be thinking your broken heart deserves something much more decadent … maybe a chocolate cheesecake. I’ve been there! But at a quarter after one and I need you now … This is much more practical. It’s easy & quick, makes a 9 inch square cake (or on other days two 8 inch layers), moist and best of all, chocolatey.

We’ve all had heartbreak or so I’ve been told. And dealing can be unpleasant and miserable especially if it’s twice with the same guy. Just ask me! And I know about the appetite disappearing, you’ll find as you age this step goes missing, but somehow keeping busy helps. Whether you’re  brokenhearted OR you decide to make this for your sweetheart for Valentine’s it won’t disappoint.

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Quick Easiest Yellow Cake

Guest Perfect

Easiest Yellow Cake

A quick uncomplicated dessert that’s ready in no time. Nothing like something fresh from the oven! Versions of this yellow cake have been circulating for years and you still can’t beat it for ease and taste results. Thank you Betty or Good Housekeeping or whoever you are.

This simple yellow cake, actually one layer, with your favorite filling is perfect for last minute guests. Fill it with jam or jelly, lemon curd, whipped cream and fruit or as I’ve done here, date-nut filling. Top with buttercream or cream cheese frosting. Easily serves 8 generously.

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Prune Cake

Our Family’s Version Of Fruit Cake

Prune Cake

Leave well enough alone  knowing when is the trick! A hard lesson for me! I love this cake but the outcome is not always consistent. It might be from my need to make the recipe easier or more like a traditional layer cake. I’m always adding to or subtracting ingredients. The original is delicious and it’s time to leave it alone.

Sorry George, I lied! George is the newest in-law and I was mentioning my next post. I could see it in his eyes, we’re having WHAT for dessert? It doesn’t taste like prunes! OopsIt does! But for me since I don’t find prunes alone palatable but love this cake … I had forgotten.

Fruit Cake – Prune Cake, moist fruit filled with butter cream cheese frosting.

Prunes are not just for breakfast!

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Quick Box Mix Spicy Pumpkin Cupcakes

Not what you think!

Spicy Pumpkin Cupcakes

Or maybe it is what you think.  This is one of those recipes you keep just in case. Just in case you need a quick dessert for company … Yes, it is that good … Or just in case you are selected to bring dessert for the workplace potluck. You might find after you try it … it’s a family favorite.

If you like pumpkin and spices you will like these Spicy Pumpkin Cupcakes.

Are you going to be disappointed if you find this is a cake mix makeover? Don’t be. Here is a scratch Spicy Pumpkin Cake Recipe as an alternative.

Spicy Pumpkin

Favorite Pumpkin Spice Cake









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