More than Chicken Soup

This chicken soup is not just for flu or cold season but if your family is stricken this More than Chicken Soup may help soothe those miserable symptoms. A friend of mine was under the weather and I just had to try this recipe. We’ve all heard of the benefits of chicken soup. But all chicken soups are not equal. Do chicken soups leave you searching for flavor? <yes, often> Do you find the chicken bland no matter how spicy the broth? <yes, often> Not here! The chicken is spiced up & oven roasted, adding to soup just before serving. I was a little tentative about the recipe since my friend is not into curry. Nope! The recipe doesn’t have curry powder but it has several spices (no turmeric) found in curry. He loved it! Yep, he feels much better today.

Thank you Baker by Nature for this Flu Fighter Chicken Noodle Soup recipe. Please forgive me if I change it ever so slightly.

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Chicken Chili Soup


Melissa has been kind enough to share recipes in the past and here’s another. Melissa is my colorist, friend, and a perfectionist. So anything she shares with me I know will be delicious. We share common ethnicity and our love of Portuguese food. She loves linguica as much as I and gave me a quick pea soup recipe with linguica I’ll be posting soon too.

Forgive me Melissa if I tweak this a bit. If you are a true Portuguese cook you use your hands as measuring utensils and taste for correction.  It’s perfect!

Try this too!







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Oven Fajitas & Classic Enchiladas

Oven Fajitas & Classic EnchiladasTwo thumbs up! Love no fuss dishes that have the food on the table in a flash. These Oven Chicken Fajitas are not too spicy and the chicken is so juicy good. If you’re looking for something healthy, simple, presents well (cook & serve in a paella pan) and is delicious, this is it! The Classic Enchiladas take just a little longer to put together but let’s admit it, the clean up, yikes! I love both of these recipes. The fajitas are pretty much a complete meal. By adding the perfect garnish to the enchilada it too can be a meal in itself.

As I have said so many times enchiladas are a family favorite. I have many recipes, here, here, here & here. The significance of this recipe, it unlike the others is made with a tomato base. And as a classic, cheese is the only filler. Hope you enjoy these recipes. We sure did!

If you are interested in an enchilada sauce from pod to finish … Try mine! And here are two wonderful enchilada casseroles, Green & Red. As I said, we are big on the enchiladas!

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Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

Chicken Spaghetti CasseroleIt’s been a busy month and while food is always a priority I haven’t been cooking much. For the past month I’ve been flipping a house … you’re becoming a regular Leona Helmsley, says a friend. Ha! So not. I’ve been doing a lot of the cleaning and detail work myself. AND I just got back from my first trip to New York City … My youngest son playing Carnegie Hall. Check out his site, here. Much adventure with a little stress calls me back into my kitchen for a little cooking/baking therapy. Okay, so my first recipe here isn’t spectacular. It is a kid’s favorite, easy to put together and feeds a crowd. I say it works for that potluck this summer. Spicy? no Chicken filled? yes You just have to try it!

I’ll be putting up photos of my house flipping soon. Here are a few of the before.

House flippingAnd guess what we found under this carpet! Yes, beautifully finished wood floors and more, here.

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Chicken Divan Pie

Chicken Divan PieWhat do you do when you have leftover cooked chicken and an overabundance of broccoli? You make this delicious pie. And because it was a pasta Sunday I added egg noodles. Absolutely delicious. We’ll be making this one again soon. Change up the pasta, add turkey or tuna instead of chicken and substitute cottage cheese for ricotta. I guarantee this recipe will work with substitutions. This is a great make ahead meal that can easily be frozen after baking for another day.


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Instant Tortilla Soup

Instant Chicken Tortilla SoupTraditional Chicken Soup is an all time favorite but the request is for something with a little more spice. Of course everyone is hungry now. Let’s see what I have in the pantry! And how can I extend 8 ounces of chicken breast to feed 4 hungry adults? This was so quick it was ready to eat in less than 15 minutes. If using 10 ounces of canned chicken it’s ready as soon as it heats through. And taste? My tasting critic, “it’s the best Chicken Tortilla Soup I’ve eaten.”

I’ll be providing a few substitution ideas too.

Here’s another Tortilla Soup Recipe for you to try!

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