Coconut Pound Cake

Just for Spring

Coconut Pound CakeYou gotta love coconut! Here’s a great dessert for that Spring gathering. Don’t tell anyone but I love this with my morning coffee. Works perfectly for brunch. This is not a family recipe but one I found, in a Country Door catalogue, … not that I didn’t tweak it a bit. Shopping on line is a must and what this means … I receive every imaginable catalogue out there, no matter what! The home decorating catalogues give me good ideas without me spending a dime. Yes, I move my home furnishings around a lot. Ha! And yep, they often have recipes sprinkled in. As for clothing catalogues … I’d rather rely on my daughter instead, Sapphire Diaries. Now for that recipe.

Here is another recipe you may enjoy, too! Coconut Cake with Caramel Rum Sauce

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Girl Scout Cookie Crust

With Grasshopper Filling

girl scout cookie_What do you do when you buy too many Girl Scout Cookies? You use the cookies for pie crusts. Yes, all varieties will work! The secret is to have a good blender capable of pulsing the cookies to a fine crumb. This pie is an adult recipe with, yes, crème de menthe. Just in time for St. Patrick’s!

Mint cookies were used for this crust and it required approximately 3/4 box to acquire 1 1/2 cups of crumbs. The finer the crumb the more cookies used. The whole box can be used not to exceed 2 cups of fine crumbs. Will make one 8 or 9 inch pie crust. I recommend baking the crust prior filling. It just holds together better. Cool completely to room temperature before filling.

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Apple Raisin Cobbler

Apple Raisin CobblerThis is so quick and easy to make and perfect for breakfast. My Valentine had this for his breakfast! Very little added sugar, salt & fat. In fact, you could cut back on all three without poor results. Amazingly rich! Yes, you must love raisins! This old recipe is taken from my Mother’s favorites. Charlotte, one of Mother’s best friends, put this together. You might have enjoyed Charlotte’s Pineapple Cream Angel Food Cake, here. Now another terrific recipe … both must haves.

A recipe so easy you might believe it can’t pass as a company dessert. Just know these ladies were into classy. Everything they cooked was perfect for guests. Enjoy!

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Oatmeal Cookies Fully Loaded

Oatmeal Cookies Fully LoadedFilling this recycled tin with delicious Oatmeal Cookies for the family … A great little hostess gift for my daughter’s cookie monsters. These are hearty but light cookies that happily satisfy the sweet tooth. Butter rich, loaded with nuts and dried cranberries, Oatmeal Cookies are a delicious treat. Give this recipe a try. You’ll love it!

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Vermont Maple Syrup Baked Apples

Vermont Baked Apples

Vermont is one of my favorite places this time of year. So this recipe just seems fitting! Yep, for this recipe I use pure maple syrup from Vermont, one of the only three ingredients. When ingredients are few you opt for the very best! I must admit I’ve never been to Vermont except through the stories of a very close friend and the many movies with Vermont as the backdrop. And who hasn’t heard Willie Nelson’s version of Moonlight in Vermont.

Enjoy this really simple dessert or breakfast that makes up in minutes for a crowd or just one. BTW, World Market has quite an assortment of pure maple syrups. I haven’t ordered from here yet but check out The Vermont Country Store. Looks amazing!

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Chai Spice Almond Biscotti

Chai Spice Almond BiscottiIf you’re not into biscotti for the same reason I haven’t been over the years then you haven’t tried these. All biscotti are not equal. This homemade version is so good you’ll want to gift a sampler to your special friends … Or maybe not! I had some expert help from Michael Chiarello or at least was influenced by a once baked biscotti cookie recipe of his. But true to the biscotti my recipe is twice baked. Instead of anise seed I used chai spices, here. I just happened to have some gray salt from Chiarello’s store (now closed?) in Yountville, California. And if you’re looking for crystallized sugar try here.

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Hot Chocolate Bar and More

Making It Easy for the Holidays

Hot Chocolate BarWe Love our Hot Chocolate! Are you into making things festive yet want it to be easy? If you haven’t put together a Hot Chocolate Bar you’ve gotta give it a try! Oops, you’re not into Hot Chocolate … Tea and Coffee work too! Even a Dessert Bar.

Here are some easily purchased items that will help you put together a Hot Chocolate or Coffee-Tea Bar in minutes. I’m sold on Dean & Deluca’s Hot Chocolate on a Stick … How easy is that! And don’t you just love these Pioneer Woman Jumbo Mugs!

Making it Easy

Hot Cocoa Goodies

Making it Easy

Holiday Mugs

Making it Easy

Teas and Chocolate

Making it Easy

Tea Mugs Chocolate

Making it Easy

French Press & Coffees

Making it Easy

Easy Gingerbread and Hot Chocolate Mix


Tomato Soup Cake

Tomato Soup CakeSpice Cake made with applesauce I can understand. Or Pumpkin, here. But with Tomato Soup! I’m not sure who decided this was a good idea decades ago. But if it becomes your birthday cake at 10 and you long for it each year and you’re now 71 I’d say that’s a pretty good indication Tomato Soup Cake is tasty. The question is, are all Tomato Soup Cakes alike. Nope! While many can say they can’t taste the soup I’m not sure I can’t in certain recipes. In this recipe the spices are healthy measurements. Yes, I believe certain spices are healthy too. Here I mean plentiful. Enjoy this spice cake recipe. Add nuts and raisins or not. We prefer it that way but it holds up if your pantry is bare.

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