Strawberry Banana Pineapple Smoothie

Day One Of Our Three Days Of Smoothies

Strawberry Banana Pineapple Smoothie

Here’s a favorite smoothie! And happens to be vegan too.¬†

My daughter is here for a visit and we’re making her go-to snack … Such an improvement over pseudo-cheese and celery, a creative healthy? snack of the 50’s. Sorry mom.

We like it icy … load up the ice! Naturally sweet with fruit and just a little lightly sweetened almond milk. Smoothies are just a delicious nutritious treat.

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Start A Tradition

Hot Chocolate Bar

If not a tradition why not create sweet memories. This is so easy and fun. Adults will enjoy it too.

My first exposure to making hot chocolate from a  chocolate candy bar came from viewing an episode of Family Affair, a 1960’s TV series. Mr. French, Uncle Bill’s butler, is snow bound in Vermont with Uncle Bill’s niece and nephew, Buffy and Jody. And the only food they have is a chocolate candy bar. Yep, Mr. French makes hot chocolate with the candy bar and water.

I hope you will enjoy this richer version of hot chocolate.

If not into hot chocolate the tips on whipped cream may be new to you.

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