Pizza Downtown Visalia And A Movie

Downtown Visalia Pizza Eateries and a Movie

Pizza and a Movie

It’s easy to get the family together for a Friday Night with Pizza and a Movie. BUT … everyone has a different opinion about what movie and what pizza! I’m in for Mystic Pizza! Love the movie!

The pizza is a different issue! So, we opt for three pizza eateries Downtown Visalia. First, is Rose’s, the oldest of the three … since my high school days. That speaks for itself! Can’t beat their cheese pizza! The second on this pizza run is Fugazzis. They have this great barbecue sauce pizza with chicken and lots more. And at the far end of Main Street is Pizanos with fire roasted pizza and light toppings and fresh basil.

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A Pleasant Outdoor Lunch At Watson’s

Small City Big Eats

Thank you Watson’s!

I was a road warrior for some years and the one big plus was seeing the United States. Okay, sometimes I just saw the inside of the airport! Being away from home was lonely but more than that uneventful … although bombarded by enormous amounts of work which sometimes softened the blow of boredom but more likely just increased cardiac risk. On these overnighters I found myself looking for special restaurants to make my travel more memorable … Family owned to quaint, famous to fabulous, regional food to ethnic food. Some parts of the country, this was hard to find.

A road warrior would be pleasantly surprised by Visalia. We have restaurants with big city sophistication, with healthy options, with diversity. We just have amazing eateries. Watson’s is one.

Small City Big Eats!