Lasagna Rolls

Lasagna Rolls

How can the same ingredients arranged differently give a different taste! But a delicious taste! I call this a neat and tidy lasagna. Servings are pretty obvious with each roll as one. Stuff with a meat filling for your company and vegetarian for yourself. Or make each roll guest specific. That sounds like a lot of work but it isn’t. Yep, I’ll admit a bit messy when preparing. Bake all together in the same dish. OK some vegetarians may not go for that. Put this recipe together with your own pasta sauce and pesto or select the very best pre-made. The rest is just assembling. Recipe coming soon!

If you haven’t tried my sauce recipes or my pesto here are the links. I’ve cooked every recipe with love.

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Pesto with Italian Grill Cheese


Ann's Spaghetti Sauce

Drunken Pasta

Drunken SpaghettiYou must love pasta and wine to enjoy this recipe! And someone who is visiting me does! (Secretly, I do too.) Years ago I was flipping through a magazine and came across a similar recipe by Rachael Ray. My first thought … how could that taste good! I wasn’t into wine and it just had so few ingredients. I gave it a try way back when. It was good … very good! This is totally a knock off with a touch of Rachael Ray. Enjoy!

Be sure and use your best ingredients! No cheap (value) dry red wine or extra virgin olive oil please.

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Peppers. Olives and Capers

Peppers, Olives and Capers



Layer this sautéed combination over rice or pasta or serve it all by itself. Add anchovies to the recipe if family and friends don’t object. Or give depth to the taste with anchovy paste instead like I do. Adding sliced sweet yellow onion to the sauté is great too, but we go for a lot of garlic. Try this 15 minute dish for a quick light tasty lunch or dinner.

Healthy and Happy New Year!


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Chai Spice Almond Biscotti

Chai Spice Almond BiscottiIf you’re not into biscotti for the same reason I haven’t been over the years then you haven’t tried these. All biscotti are not equal. This homemade version is so good you’ll want to gift a sampler to your special friends … Or maybe not! I had some expert help from Michael Chiarello or at least was influenced by a once baked biscotti cookie recipe of his. But true to the biscotti my recipe is twice baked. Instead of anise seed I used chai spices, here. I just happened to have some gray salt from Chiarello’s store (now closed?) in Yountville, California. And if you’re looking for crystallized sugar try here.

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Olive Dip

Olive DipWinding down … Summer about to end. Squeezing in as many barbecues as possible. Enjoying icy wines in the now less than 3 digit heat. If you’re doing the same and need a new quick dip recipe here it is! This recipe is inspired by the 3 ingredient dip recipe in the latest Wine Enthusiast magazine. The September edition has a beautiful Porchetta, a Beer Braised Chicken and so many more delicious recipes. It’s an amazing issue!

I’ve changed up the recipe because I love Greek olives but any black olive will do. I’ll bet homemade green olives would work, Leonard! (My cousin, who cures his own.) Instead of Parmesan (I was fresh out) I used Asiago. Take a look at this easy recipe. You’ll love it!

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Cold pasta Salads

From Your Pantry or Garden

Cold Pasta Salads



Faster than going through the drive-thru you can create a Cold Pasta Salad. If you have pasta (fusilli to shell to wagon wheel and much more works) in your pantry you are more than half-way there. Freely make substitutions to this salad to make it a family favorite. All sorts of room for creativity. I just love these salads year ’round.


Be fearless and give this a try!

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