Tortilla Dish From My Past

A Recipe Decades Old But Still Works

Tortilla Dish From The Past

A Blast From The Past! Remembering the first time I made this is easy. Dan, my brother, arrived home after an exhausting football practice and was anything but happy about dinner.  It was decades ago and casseroles were not a family favorite … And a tortilla dish with mushroom soup! I remember the pre-dinner discussion that day but forget the outcome. ‘Though I can tell you … This is one delicious tortilla dish! And with these delicious dress ups how can you go wrong. Yep Dan, that’s your fav hot sauce!

My recipe card now turning yellow around the edges states, Ropes Tortilla Dish. I’d like to give credit to my best high school friend’s family for this recipe but Margaret has yet to confirm. So, have I correctly labeled this recipe! Admittedly, the basic recipe is still intact but I have changed up ingredients and measurements. I like to think I’ve kept this recipe all these years, too many to admit, because it is my best friend’s family recipe … And delicious!

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Almond Wedding Cake Cookies

A Marriage of Two Popular Cookies

Almond Wedding Cake Cookies

The ingredients in these two favorites, Mexican Wedding Cakes and Portuguese Almond Cookies, make a perfect marriage, Almond Wedding Cake Cookies. They’re rich and densely packed with almonds. To make it vegan I suggest vegan butter. I have substituted almond butter for half of the cup of butter called for in the recipe. This I do not recommend. Substituting no more than 1/4 cup of almond butter plus using 3/4 cup butter is doable.

A delicious change up cookie worth trying!

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Salsa for Just about Everything

When I first met my future Daughter-In-Law Ann she found her way to my kitchen as all family does. Besides all the other wonderful things about Ann she is comfortable in the kitchen and a very good cook. She whipped up this salsa for our family during that first visit. It was a hit! So when I received requests for a fresh salsa I immediately thought of this one. It’s great to serve alone or over just about everything.

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A Little Surprise In A Much Loved Cookie

Mexican Wedding Cakes With Chocolate Surprise

Chocolate Surprise Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies

Try this Mexican Wedding Cake Cookie with a milk chocolate kiss, my favorite! This is one of those cookies that has a long history with me. My first experience with this recipe was not really appreciated. And in fact, for the reasons this cookie is popular, subtle flavor with extraordinary richness, my parents found it difficult to enjoy. It was just not a chocolate chip, peanut butter or oatmeal cookie. But after years of making these I was asked to bake them, dozens and dozens, for a reception my mother was giving. This cookie now surpasses many other cookies in popularity for my family.

I added a chocolate kiss to the center of this cookie to surprise my very young children. It isn’t a practice now. In fact, the children prefer the Mexican Wedding Cake without alteration!

Today I decided to try dark chocolate. To my surprise the dark chocolate steals the taste of the cookie. I recommend a milk chocolate instead. And baking a few without this alteration for the purists.

This is another recipe where you are likely to have all the ingredients in your pantry most of the time!

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A Family or Company Meal

Enchilada Taco dinner and Wine

Enchilada Casserole, Taco Salad, and Wine

Pair this casual dinner with a dry or sweet Rose’, or beer or even a skinny Margarita. Sounds a bit like summer! Just a bit of fun before slipping into the icy cold of winter. No intense spiciness here. This enchilada casserole can be a welcome in cold weather too … with rice and beans. Or for a brunch!

For those intense spicy meals wines with higher alcohol content are not suggested nor are expensive reds. The expensive reds will be clouded by the spiciness. And alcohol adds fuel to the fire of spice. FYI: Dry Rose’ generally has a higher alcohol content than the sweeter variety.

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Change Up Chopped Salad


Change Up Chopped Salad


This is one of my favorite green salads. Actually, it is many salads in one. The main ingredients are green and red leaf lettuce. Need some crunch in your lettuce? Just add a little iceberg. No bag lettuce here. Nothing against bag lettuce. I use it. But for this salad full flavor is needed to compete with the other ingredients. The choice of ingredients is up to you. Do you want the salad to have a Mexican flare, Italian, or…. I’ll give you some ideas and then you change up as you and your family like. I have a simple dressing that too can be changed up. My favorite dressing for this has no measuring and only includes two ingredients.

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