Linguica, Fava and Onions

Linguica Fava OnionsMany of you have followed my brother’s recipes. They’re amazing! He can make a Whole Wheat Bread to die for! His Pit Beef can’t be surpassed. His duck, now there is one amazing Wild Duck. But his passion is making linguica. So, a few weeks ago after spending 4 1/2 hours hand cutting 75 pounds of pork butt, putting everything together for marinating, and claiming this will be the best batch of Homemade Linguica yet! … And his very last go-at-it! HE FORGOT THE CUMIN! This ex-Arkansas Razorback isn’t into tears and he wasn’t when he broke the news but there was definitely disappointment in his voice. He is sending me some for Christmas and I’m sure it won’t need too much dressing up. He’s let me know he now has to make another batch … one last perfect batch.

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Portuguese Pork and Beans

Marinated Pork and White Beans

Portuguese Pork and BeansThe perfect meal for Dan’s birthday. Two of his favorites baked together, melding the flavors for an amazing taste experience. Add a beer and my brother is going to be a happy guy.

Portuguese Pork and BeansI’ve simply combined two of my Grandmother’s recipes into one. Try this combination or if you prefer bake them separately. In our family these recipes, marinated pork & white beans, were meant to be served together. The beans take a good amount of time and are best baked long hours without a lid. If you are baking these together the meat will cook much faster. It is best to add the meat at the end of baking to assure the meat isn’t overcooked. It is unlikely you will over bake the beans.

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Shirred Eggs Your Style

Shirred EggsShirred (Baked) eggs are easy, fast and a delicious way to cook eggs for one or many. Adding a little individual touch makes it extra special. Add lox, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, bacon, or chorizo. I added linguica … no da. Oops! Make it vegetarian with bits of bell pepper, spinach, basil, onion (green or otherwise), squash…. But all this said shirred eggs can do it alone. Give it a try!

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Pozole Verde Soup Portuguese Style

Pozole Verde SoupThree bowls later I’ve decided this is a keeper. My guy friend checking out the local sports bars in Visalia fell for Rookie’s Posole Verde Soup. Three days in a row or was it four! His excuse was Fitbit steps as each day around noon off he went walking Main Street. I’m not sure if he topped it off with a draft, his usual reason for stopping at Rookies. But he couldn’t say enough about this soup. I decided then and there to create Posole Verde Soup, my style, Portuguese style. Would you believe I’m not the first to use linguica.

Chicken or pork or a combination is most often used for the authentic Mexican style soup or stew. Posole or Pozole means hominy, a main ingredient. And verde is everything green; tomatillos, jalapeños, poblanos, avocado, cilantro and lime.

What fun creating this soup! And yep, I did have three bowls to determine just how much I loved it. The lime adds just what’s needed to bring forth the flavors. So, don’t skip it!

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Right Out of Terceira

AlcatraNope, not Grandma Rose’s recipe but she’d rave about this if she’d a taste. A young friend who shares recipes with me now and again says this will be prepared as one of the meats served at Easter. Melissa’s family is right out of Terceira. She just had a birthday and complains she’s in her thirties. Ha. Albeit she’s been cooking since she was a child. Her recipes, yep I’ve tasted her Portuguese Beans, are a mixture of traditional Portuguese and well, American dishes. She tweaks her American dishes but her traditional dishes not so much. I tweaked this one just a little … lack of availability of slab bacon or “bacon steak” as Melissa calls it, and well, my handful of spices may be different from Melissa’s. Slab bacon isn’t really too difficult to find but I wanted to make the dish now … And not have to travel 40 minutes to our special Portuguese grocer.

Warning, this dish is not for the faint of heart … it’s rich and you just can’t stop at one serving.

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Portuguese Egg & Bread Soup

Portuguese Egg Soup


Not exactly a soup or stew but just as hearty!

This is a quick recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Totally vegetarian unless you’re inclined to add a little linguica or chouriço … more as a garnish. No chicken broth … it’s not needed! The flavor comes from the garlic, cilantro and the crusty stale bread. It’s absolutely delicious.

All comes together in about 15 minutes.

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Portuguese White Bean Soup

White Bean SoupAdd a little less broth and you’ll have Portuguese White Beans. Love, love, love this soup. Add greens, spinach, kale, swiss chard or turnip greens for a more complete meal. Chop these pretty fine to speed the cooking. This is just the perfect soup for our rainy days.

If you’re looking for a sweeter (and I mean sweet!) Portuguese White Bean Recipe try this.

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