Turkey Alcatra

Delicious Change to Turkey Roasting

Turkey AlcatraAlcatra (claypot roast) is a Portuguese dish originating from the Azorean Island of Terceira. It’s most often made with beef. But my friend, Melissa, whose family is from Terceira loves to use this traditional recipe for turkey. She says she has her husband cut the turkey into pieces and the legs aren’t used in her dish. Since my meal preparation is only for 4 I felt a whole turkey even without legs would be just too much. I knew it was risky just using a turkey breast because of the leanness that quickly goes from moist to dry. But a steam method just seemed foolproof. It’s amazing. I removed the skin before serving but you don’t need to. Brown up that skin by removing the top of the roaster at the end of the cooking period or pre-brown. That simple!

Thanks Melissa, a perfect idea.

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Influenced by Portuguese Cuisine

A Few of My Favorites

Portuguese CuisineTonight I’m putting together Alcatra using turkey breast instead of the usual beef roast. And since I’ll have the oven going all night I might as well make Boston Baked Beans, my Grandmother’s recipe, pictured upper left. Please enjoy these additional recipes while the Alcatra is baking.

Top row: Additionally, Linguica Prosciutto Pizza and Portuguese Rice Pudding

Middle row: Portuguese Hash, Portuguese Cowboy Spaghetti, Portuguese Beans with Linguica

Bottom row: Sponge Cake, Vinho D’ Alhos, Sweet Bread Not into Sweet Bread, try this favorite, Pops.

Portuguese Sopas Recipes

Portuguese Sopas RecipesWhat do you do on a gloomy day? I make sopas! Usually my brother’s recipe, here. But today I’m trying a new recipe. I like the idea of this one … It’s full of red wine, my favorite flavor. And it’s a manageable recipe for 12 or so. Both recipes are delicious and revolve around fond family memories. You really can’t get better than that! Thank you Julie for sharing your Great-Grandmother’s Recipe. I love it! Here’s where Julie & I met, right on my Portuguese Sopas Pin. Thank you again Cardoza Family.

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Rustic Anise Soup Portuguese Style

Rustic Anise SoupSpicy Portuguese Style with few ingredients. A smart choice … healthy, tasty and economical. This is a great fall and winter soup … Hearty but not calorie heavy. Well, that’s if you share the linguica! And it really gets better the next day. Choose a large anise bulb with stalks and fresh looking fronds. You’ll be using it all. For a little bite add a generous amount of freshly ground pepper. Serve this with my Rustic Yeast Cornbread. Perfect!

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Rustic Yeast Cornbread Portuguese Style

The Perfect Accompaniment For Fall Soups

Rustic Yeast Cornbread Portuguese StylePerfect bread for soup! This deliciously dense flavorful bread has just the texture I love for a soup accompaniment. You can adjust the recipe to provide more or less cornmeal crunch. It’s up to you. So versatile. I love spooning beans or soup right over a slice. But I love it with butter too. If you want the true rustic crust spray the top of the loaf lightly with water just before baking … and the sides of the oven too every 15 minutes during baking. My recipe will truly become your own.

The prep time is minimal and the 2 rises are fast. Bakes in approximately 45-50 minutes. Allow 2-2 1/2 hours for the complete process. It’s worth it!

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Portuguese Hash

 with Chouriço and Linguica

Portuguese HashThe recipe is simple enough. It’s about finding the right ingredients. Chorizo is plentiful around here but chouriço … not so much. So if I’m putting together this recipe I must be prepared to travel to a neighboring town where there is a Portuguese Bakery that happens to have chouriço as well as traditional Portuguese baked goods. Not so bad because it’s an excuse to load up on some goodies. In a pinch look for Spanish chorizo … It’s the closest to Portuguese chouriço. Now that we have that cleared up let’s not forget linguica. Choose your favorite linguica, mild or hot, heavy on paprika or not. Now we’re just about ready to begin. Just a few more ingredients.

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Portuguese Cowboy Spaghetti

With Linguica

Portuguese Style Cowboy SpaghettiMy love for Italian and Portuguese food, and being a former cowgirl have collided into this surprising dish. If you think this might be Italian sauce with linguica  thrown in … guess again. It’s truly Portuguese in flavor through and through. Would be delicious even without the linguica … so my daughter says. For a real cowgirl dish mix the sauce thoroughly through the cooked spaghetti and sprinkle with a little Jack Cheese … Pepper Jack even.

As far as ingredients go, if your pantry has all you need for Italian spaghetti sauce you are more than half way there. Just a little Santo Domingo Sweet Paprika, and pickling spices to bring out the taste that is so familiar in Portuguese cuisine and you have it made. It’s amazing!

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Greens and White Bean Soup

With Croutons

Greens and Beans SoupAny time is a great time for soup! Hot or Cold weather makes no difference. I reach for soup just about anytime. Even more when I’m under the weather … tired, sad or have overdone with rich foods for days. It just perks me up, mood and all! This is one of my go to soups because I have the ingredients at hand & I love greens … And it’s a bit Italian and Portuguese, two of my favorite cuisines.

About the greens, I love escarole (a variety of endive) but kale and spinach are great substitutes and are readily available. I prefer using fresh greens in this soup but frozen will do in a pinch. Let’s get on with the recipe.

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Simple Custard Bread Pudding

Custard Bread PuddingWhen I first came across this recipe I knew it was Portuguese in origin. Or at least from my grandmother’s recipe collection. Now that I’ve made this wonderful pudding I’m clueless who to thank. Here is an old fashioned custard bread pudding that isn’t only simple but requires no sauce or additional adornment. Serve this as a dessert or as part of your buffet brunch. It works as a side or lite main dish.

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My Favorites

Hanford Portuguese Bakery

Tulare Portuguese Bakery

Portuguese BakeriesIt’s not always easy to find what I need for my Portuguese recipes … Or to find Portuguese confections and baked goods perfectly prepared. But here are two places I shop when I can. Hanford Bakery has speciality meats and fish too. Andy would always remark the Portuguese skinless and boneless sardines are the best. Right next to this on the shelf are other delicacies that are sure to please. Shopping here is a feel good experience. BTW, the Goulart Linguica as it sizzles on the grill or fries up in the pan smells most like our homemade. Still waiting to dig in and compare the flavors. Yum.

PS The Goulart’s not only smells as it cooks like my brother’s recipe it tastes very similar. Delicious! I say it’s in the smoking!