Recipes with Asiago Cheeses – Soon

Both with Fresh and Seasoned (Aged) Asiago

Recipes with Asiago Cheeses

I received these cheeses in the mail today and plan to try them out in a couple of recipes. I love cheeses of all kinds … limburger-maybe not, sorry grandpa, but then I haven’t smelled that cheese in years. It might be more palatable to me now.

The history of this Asiago Cheese is interesting and know it has been around for hundreds of years. But all Asiago’s are not the same. So here I am, to do a little testing of my own.

Asiago Pasta SaladComing Soon!

Just in Time for the Fourth

-Barbecued Linguica “Hot Dogs” with Homemade Buns

-Portuguese White Beans (Baked Beans)

-Classic Best Foods Potato Salad – My Version

July fourth

These Portuguese Rolls are the perfect bun for my linguica hot dogs. The ease and success of this recipe will have you and your family smiling.

July fourth




Another Perry Family Recipe, Portuguese White Baked Beans. About 10 minutes to prep and some hours in the oven and you will see why our family is still talking about this recipe 50 years later. Thank you Margaret. Enjoy, Danny and Leonard!

What a great old fashioned potato salad! We’re ready for the Fourth. How about you?



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Cucumber Onion Salad Is An Oldie

Cucumber Onion Salad
















Talk about an easy recipe! This oldie was served in the summer months at home, and my grandmother’s. It’s one of those recipes that is so old it’s everyone’s.

I have added sliced tomatoes but some may prefer without. I added lots of pepper but others prefer paprika. Change it up and make it your own!

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Change Up Chopped Salad-A Repost

A Meal In Itself

Change Up Chopped Salad-A Repost

The secret of this salad is in the chopping. It can be used as a side but initially was created as a main course. The chopping of the ingredients creates a heavier more dense fork full … making this a satisfying main course. You can make changes to give it a little different taste … satisfying your family’s likes.

This is a much loved salad by my whole family. Yep, I have meat and potato guys who love it.

For the recipe click on this link Change Up Chopped Salad

I hope you enjoy this simple beautiful satisfying green salad!

Potato Salad Reinvented

This is coming up just in time for Memorial Day

Potato Salad

You might be asking why reinvent? My children all have different tastes and my goal is to provide a recipe all will enjoy. Yes, it is possible … not always! For Memorial Day I have this idea for a new potato salad recipe. Sweet potatoes! Okay, this is not going to go over well with Stephen. But I’m adding equal amounts of white potatoes and sweet potatoes. I can’t wait! If you aren’t into a combination use one or the other. It still works!

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A Family or Company Meal

Enchilada Taco dinner and Wine

Enchilada Casserole, Taco Salad, and Wine

Pair this casual dinner with a dry or sweet Rose’, or beer or even a skinny Margarita. Sounds a bit like summer! Just a bit of fun before slipping into the icy cold of winter. No intense spiciness here. This enchilada casserole can be a welcome in cold weather too … with rice and beans. Or for a brunch!

For those intense spicy meals wines with higher alcohol content are not suggested nor are expensive reds. The expensive reds will be clouded by the spiciness. And alcohol adds fuel to the fire of spice. FYI: Dry Rose’ generally has a higher alcohol content than the sweeter variety.

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London Broil Recipe – Dinner Menu for Family & Friends

Economical Dinner Nice Enough for Birthdays

London Broil Recipe - Dinner Menu

Meat and Potatoes, these guys are still around! And this one is having a birthday today. This London broil meal can be fixed in a jiffy. And is so economical … not to worry about how many guests he brings! Pair it with a good tasting economical wine. This is a London Broil Complete Dinner for Four!

Good cheap wine choices are out there, and it makes good sense to pair this meal with a value wine instead of something you would serve with filet mignon. The wine … spicy Cline zinfandel. All this is a hungry man’s delight! Oh, and French apple pie for dessert!

Three recipes here … Well, four if you include the mushrooms smothering the meat … London broil with sautéed mushrooms, twice baked potatoes, and  balsamic salad dressing.

The sequence of putting the meal together could go like this.

  • Marinate the meat overnight
  • Make salad dressing up to the day ahead
  • Potatoes can be made the morning of the dinner. Baking for the last time just before serving.
  • Put the salad together the morning or afternoon on the same day. Add tomatoes and avocado, if using, as well as dressing just before serving.
  • Prepare the mushrooms at the time of the meat being broiled.
  • Uncork your value wine while the meat is broiling. Two bottles for 4 people. Just 20 bucks for two bottles of this wine.

Come join us, wine or beer or even diet cola to celebrate Stephen’s birthday!

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Change Up Chopped Salad


Change Up Chopped Salad


This is one of my favorite green salads. Actually, it is many salads in one. The main ingredients are green and red leaf lettuce. Need some crunch in your lettuce? Just add a little iceberg. No bag lettuce here. Nothing against bag lettuce. I use it. But for this salad full flavor is needed to compete with the other ingredients. The choice of ingredients is up to you. Do you want the salad to have a Mexican flare, Italian, or…. I’ll give you some ideas and then you change up as you and your family like. I have a simple dressing that too can be changed up. My favorite dressing for this has no measuring and only includes two ingredients.

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