Caldo Verde, Portuguese Green Soup

This is a simple one with only three main ingredients. Meant to be a main dish but certainly could be a side without the linguica … making it vegan. Kale is often used in Portuguese cuisine and doesn’t fail to be the delicious star.

The preparation and cooking is short in duration making this a perfect after work meal on these cold winter nights.

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Chunky Root Soup Just Happens to Be Vegan

Root soup is a winter necessity on these icy cold days. It’s a little early for Saint Patrick’s Day but you might find this served along with corned beef or beef brisket. It’s just a wonderful meal all alone.  Light enough to have several servings.

Eat it chunky like this or use a blender to give it a creamy texture. I prefer it this way.

If you use prepared vegetable broth this can be ready to eat in 30-40 minutes. I like making my own vegetable broth … my recipe in the previous post. This is a rich recipe not requiring butter or chicken broth. Absolutely the best!

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Vegetable Stock Or Vegetable Broth

From This …

To This!

Often vegetable stock and broth are used interchangeably in recipes. So what is the difference? After researching these two, stock vs broth, it is still a little unclear. But I like to make it simple. My take … The biggest difference is in the seasonings. Broth has seasonings making it immediately palatable while stock is ready to be seasoned and manipulated in a recipe. This recipe may resemble a broth more closely. I use this broth routinely for recipes that ask for either … Even in recipes asking for chicken or beef stock or broth. I do pay close attention to salt and other seasonings when adding this broth to recipes.

I am preparing this recipe specifically to use in a chunky root soup, next post. The nice thing about this recipe … You can add vegetables you have on hand. However, these basic ingredients are required … onions, celery and carrots … and for me, garlic too.

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Our Family’s Comfort Food, Portuguese Sopas

Spicy Portuguese Sopas

Portuguese Sopas is a traditional soup from the Azores. It is made each year for a celebration occurring about two months following Easter. For seven years my brother, Dan, helped with the preparation of this sopa do Espirito Santo for our hometown celebration.

We enjoy eating this soup, his recipe here with my tiny variation, throughout the year especially in the colder months. To us it’s a comfort food. Yep, some of the guys in our family can eat this morning, noon and night … loving every spoonful. Dan’s son Stephen admits!

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Bakersfield Favorite Basque Vegetable Soup

Basque Vegetable Soup

It’s 1982 and my husband takes a position as a Deputy DA in Bakersfield, California. Really, you did? Really! It was the first time I would live a distance from my hometown. It was a move that significantly changed the lives of many.

It didn’t take long to establish ourselves in this community. We were within walking distance of our new favorite restaurant, Mama Tosca’s. And in old town Bakersfield we loved Luigi’s, quite a hangout for Bakersfieldians. In this same area of town several Basque restaurants were longtime establishments. Can’t forget the Pyrenees Bakery! Basque is a part of Bakersfield culture. The food is delicious and overwhelmingly plentiful at these family style restaurants. Just ordering the setup was more than enough for our family. This included a vegetable soup, beans, salad, pickled tongue, spaghetti, bread … And was there a salsa?

Today I am going to be putting together a version of my Basque Vegetable Soup. It’s light … Just what I’m craving after the heavy holiday meals. How about you!

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A Comfort On A Cold Gray Day

Sausage And Navy Bean Soup

Sausage and Navy Bean Soup

It’s rainy and cold this morning. I had planned to share a cookie recipe today  … a breakfast cookie! But this can wait until tomorrow. I am going to put together a rich soup instead. And because it is last minute I won’t be soaking the beans overnight. The soup is a bit Italian. What a comfort it will be! Pair this with a country bread and it’s a complete meal. If you like add a small glass of red table wine.

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A Hearty Soup For The Cold Days Ahead

Portuguese Bean Soup

What great memories! This one pot meal was cooked often by my grandmother and mother. My grandmother added homemade linguica to hers. I would eat hers and go on a date without a care in the world. Not until later did I realize the garlic might be an issue! Suggestion: Have your date eat this with you.

There was nothing more comforting on a cold rainy day than to come home and find this soup cooking on the stove. We would fill our bowls and have dinner before a crackling oakwood fire. All senses taken care of!

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