Pasta “Fazool”

A Family’s Recipe

IMG_0898-2Pasta and Beans (Pasta Fagioli) is an economical dish with few ingredients. Eaten often by the Rizzo Family on meatless Friday’s and during Lent. When I assisted in putting this together I wasn’t sure just how flavorful the result would be. It is now on my list of favorite comfort foods. Vegan or vegetarian, or add a little Italian sausage if you must. It’s all perfectly good.

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Shirred Eggs Your Style

Shirred EggsShirred (Baked) eggs are easy, fast and a delicious way to cook eggs for one or many. Adding a little individual touch makes it extra special. Add lox, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, bacon, or chorizo. I added linguica … no da. Oops! Make it vegetarian with bits of bell pepper, spinach, basil, onion (green or otherwise), squash…. But all this said shirred eggs can do it alone. Give it a try!

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Portuguese Egg & Bread Soup

Portuguese Egg Soup


Not exactly a soup or stew but just as hearty!

This is a quick recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Totally vegetarian unless you’re inclined to add a little linguica or chouriço … more as a garnish. No chicken broth … it’s not needed! The flavor comes from the garlic, cilantro and the crusty stale bread. It’s absolutely delicious.

All comes together in about 15 minutes.

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Meat or Meatless Lasagna Rolls

Meat or Meatless Lasagna Rolls

Lasagna with a new look. Meat or Meatless, this is perfect! Bake the Lasagna Rolls straight up for an impressive look or seam side down for a sauce drenched variation. There’s just a bit of cooking for the meat filling before baking. This is just one of those dishes I have fun with … often preparing differently each time. Make it your own … fill with your favorites.

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Drunken Pasta

Drunken SpaghettiYou must love pasta and wine to enjoy this recipe! And someone who is visiting me does! (Secretly, I do too.) Years ago I was flipping through a magazine and came across a similar recipe by Rachael Ray. My first thought … how could that taste good! I wasn’t into wine and it just had so few ingredients. I gave it a try way back when. It was good … very good! This is totally a knock off with a touch of Rachael Ray. Enjoy!

Be sure and use your best ingredients! No cheap (value) dry red wine or extra virgin olive oil please.

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Mushroom Burgers Or ‘Meatballs’

Mushroom burgers

I’m a bit of an on again off again Vegetarian. Call me a Flexitarian! There are certain meats I can’t resist. And well, dairy? … My family came from dairymen! My first try at Vegetarianism came in the 70’s. Recipes were few back then, or at least eatable ones, and usually had too many ingredients to be practical. I remember my first try at a Vegetarian meatloaf. I can guarantee that meatloaf recipe was the most uneatable dish I have ever cooked up. Why was I even trying to mimic meat in the first place? Here I’m again turning a meat recipe into a vegetable one, actually a fungus. Portobello mushrooms have a meaty taste and texture and are the perfect choice for this recipe. BTW, they’re just an older white or brown mushroom. It just depends on what you’re trying to achieve with a mushroom burger recipe. I just love the taste of mushrooms, any mushrooms young or old.

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Vermont Maple Syrup Baked Apples

Vermont Baked Apples

Vermont is one of my favorite places this time of year. So this recipe just seems fitting! Yep, for this recipe I use pure maple syrup from Vermont, one of the only three ingredients. When ingredients are few you opt for the very best! I must admit I’ve never been to Vermont except through the stories of a very close friend and the many movies with Vermont as the backdrop. And who hasn’t heard Willie Nelson’s version of Moonlight in Vermont.

Enjoy this really simple dessert or breakfast that makes up in minutes for a crowd or just one. BTW, World Market has quite an assortment of pure maple syrups. I haven’t ordered from here yet but check out The Vermont Country Store. Looks amazing!

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