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Hot Chocolate Bar

If not a tradition why not create sweet memories. This is so easy and fun. Adults will enjoy it too.

My first exposure to making hot chocolate from a  chocolate candy bar came from viewing an episode of Family Affair, a 1960’s TV series. Mr. French, Uncle Bill’s butler, is snow bound in Vermont with Uncle Bill’s niece and nephew, Buffy and Jody. And the only food they have is a chocolate candy bar. Yep, Mr. French makes hot chocolate with the candy bar and water.

I hope you will enjoy this richer version of hot chocolate.

If not into hot chocolate the tips on whipped cream may be new to you.


8 Ounces of milk per person, use 2% or 4%
1 Ounce chocolate bar per 8 ounces of milk (70% cocoa recommended)
Peppermint sticks for flavoring
Cinnamon for sprinkling
Whipped cream for topping, sprinkles or mint leaves for atop whipping cream optional
Marshmallows for topping

A little bit about chocolate. If you use milk chocolate alone it is likely you will need more chocolate per cup. Increasing this chocolate will produce a very sweet light chocolate flavor. In fact, it will taste very much like the candy bar you use. Milk chocolate in combination with a darker chocolate will produce a mild flavored hot chocolate. With the darker chocolate use regulating the intensity of flavor is easier. The more used the stronger the chocolate taste. Use the very best chocolate, not necessarily cooking chocolate. Use very good chocolate bars. You can even use the flavored ones, such as peppermint chocolate. Avoid imitation flavors.

Chocolate and More Chocolate







Grate the chocolate. Milk chocolate will grate easier and may even begin to melt if you are doing this by hand. Make sure milk chocolate is very cold before beginning. The darker the chocolate the harder the chocolate and also the finer it needs to be grated … so it will melt more easily.

Chocolate and More Chocolate







I use this grater for the dark chocolate so I can control the coarseness.

Topping For Hot Chocolate






Set up your hot chocolate bar with hot milk, different chocolate choices, marshmallows, peppermint, cinnamon, and whipped cream dollops or shapes in a dish resting in ice.

Whipping Cream

How to Whip Cream to Hold Shape







Nothing like real fresh whipped cream! Make sure all equipment that comes into contact with the cream is cold. Use an electric beater and beat on high until stiff peaks occur. For every 1/2 pint of heavy whipping cream add 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla. The sugar is added when the cream starts to thicken. And the vanilla is added at the very end of beating. If you continue to beat beyond stiff peaks the cream will turn to a butter-like consistency.

Whipped Cream Toppers







For a festive look use a cookie press (or a cake decorating tip) to make designs, such as stars, wreaths, evergreen trees or hearts.   Press whipping cream onto parchment paper covered cookie sheet. Place in the freezer until frozen. Then remove to a freezer container. Keep frozen until use. If kept cold on your chocolate bar they will maintain their shape. So, when ready to serve set dish over ice. Do you have leftover whipped cream from those Thanksgiving pies? Place dollops on parchment paper and freeze. When frozen place dollops into a freezer container and keep frozen up to weeks.

Enjoying My Hot Chocolate










Enjoying my hot chocolate in a cozy corner of my newly redecorated room. The wreath lights up for a nightlight. Want to see more of this room? See House and Garden section.

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