A Summertime Treat-Limoncello


It’s the first day of Summer and I’ve pulled out this refreshing liqueur. I know what to expect from this wonderfully lemon flavored drink today. But the first time I tried it I certainly didn’t. There’s no sour or bitter taste … Just a smooth sweet lemony flavor with only a slight hint of the high alcoholic content.

During my visit to Italy Limoncello was served icy cold … like a melted lemon creamsicle. For me it’s best when mixed with a juice even in lemonade. Yes, really! Here I’ve mixed it with pomegranate juice and added a splash of vodka. Just 3 ingredients! Really a tasty fun treat for Summer!



Equal parts Vodka and Limoncello
Twice as much Pomegranate juice as Limoncello.



One ounce Limoncello

One ounce Vodka

2 Ounces Pomegranate Juice

Pour the mixture over lots of ice.


That Simple!


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