Olive Dip

Olive DipWinding down … Summer about to end. Squeezing in as many barbecues as possible. Enjoying icy wines in the now less than 3 digit heat. If you’re doing the same and need a new quick dip recipe here it is! This recipe is inspired by the 3 ingredient dip recipe in the latest Wine Enthusiast magazine. The September edition has a beautiful Porchetta, a Beer Braised Chicken and so many more delicious recipes. It’s an amazing issue!

I’ve changed up the recipe because I love Greek olives but any black olive will do. I’ll bet homemade green olives would work, Leonard! (My cousin, who cures his own.) Instead of Parmesan (I was fresh out) I used Asiago. Take a look at this easy recipe. You’ll love it!



1-1 1/2 Cup pitted Greek olives-drained
1/4 Pound Asiago cheese-cubed
1/4 Cup best olive oil

Whirl the ingredients in a food processor until all ingredients are incorporated yet coarsely ground.

That’s it! Enjoy!

Olive Dip

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