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Go To FoodMy “go to” when I’m home on a rainy day, or when I’ve eaten too much over the Holidays, or when I’m looking for a no meat meal that satisfies. The ingredients are simple and nourishing. Today, I’m making one of my favorite soups, Basque Vegetable.

Keep this recipe handy for the perfect “go to.” You’ll love the simplicity. It’s delicious!

Try my soup recipes. You’ll love them!


Pasta “Fazool”

A Family’s Recipe

IMG_0898-2Pasta and Beans (Pasta Fagioli) is an economical dish with few ingredients. Eaten often by the Rizzo Family on meatless Friday’s and during Lent. When I assisted in putting this together I wasn’t sure just how flavorful the result would be. It is now on my list of favorite comfort foods. Vegan or vegetarian, or add a little Italian sausage if you must. It’s all perfectly good.

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Pumpkin Pound Cake

DSC_0015It’s a birthday cake for a special friend! He’s so into “The Surprise Cake.” And Tomato Soup Cake is what he usually gets. This year I’ve been changing up everyone’s birthday cake. My bad! I came across this pound cake recipe, Land O’Lakes, and it just sounded so amazing. Land O’Lakes dairies are pretty prevalent around here, Tulare County. And my special friend’s mother only used Land O’Lakes Butter. Seemed like good reasons to give myself a pass and move forward. It was perfect! He loved the texture and the spicy pumpkin pie taste. And believe it or not it gets more moist with time. Did I say it has lots of butter! Give this Land O’Lakes Pumpkin Pound Cake Recipe a try. My only revision suggestion: Fold in 2/3 cup each raisins and chopped walnuts at the end of mixing. Happy Birthday Friend!

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Mix Makeover

Bloody Beer Recipe

DSC_0002This is a meal … my thought when drinking!  I love everything that goes into this drink! Low sodium … Not! Low salt V-8 Juice can be subbed for the Clamato Juice. Measuring isn’t really necessary. Here’s what I do. Chill your glasses for a few minutes first. This makes it easier to rub the rim in salt or Tajin (chile powder, dehydrated lime juice & of course, salt). Next add ice to your glass or not. Pour the glass 1/3 full with Clamato Juice, more or less. Fill the glass the rest of the way your fav beer. Splash a little of each of the following: Tabasco Sauce (or your fav hot sauce), Maggi Seasoning (Tabasco & Maggi to taste … a few drops might be all you need.) and lastly a true splash of Worcestershire Sauce. Stir. Add a lime slice or not. Maggi is delicious on so many foods. It does contain MSG as well as Clamato Juice and most brands of Worcestershire Sauce.

Pronouncing Worcestershire a challenge? Here’s a whole lesson including a little history if you’re into it.


Oven Fajitas & Classic Enchiladas

Oven Fajitas & Classic EnchiladasTwo thumbs up! Love no fuss dishes that have the food on the table in a flash. These Oven Chicken Fajitas are not too spicy and the chicken is so juicy good. If you’re looking for something healthy, simple, presents well (cook & serve in a paella pan) and is delicious, this is it! The Classic Enchiladas take just a little longer to put together but let’s admit it, the clean up, yikes! I love both of these recipes. The fajitas are pretty much a complete meal. By adding the perfect garnish to the enchilada it too can be a meal in itself.

As I have said so many times enchiladas are a family favorite. I have many recipes, here, here, here & here. The significance of this recipe, it unlike the others is made with a tomato base. And as a classic, cheese is the only filler. Hope you enjoy these recipes. We sure did!

If you are interested in an enchilada sauce from pod to finish … Try mine! And here are two wonderful enchilada casseroles, Green & Red. As I said, we are big on the enchiladas!

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Bloody Beer

IMG_0867What has she done to my beer! Yep, I’ve become a beer drinker. I’ve always had a prejudice … Never liked it! But today, many years after my step into the world of wine I’ve become a beer drinker too. I don’t need all these ingredients to love it.

It just seems appropriate for Halloween with our Classic Enchiladas and Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas. All three recipes coming soon!

And just around the corner, my Portuguese version of Queso Fundido with malagueta and linguica. I recommend Portuguese vinho verde. It’s the perfect accompaniment!

Fajitas Ready For The Oven

Fajitas Ready For The Oven

Chai Cake with Pecan Topping

Chai Cake with Pecan Topping White cake to Chai! And because I wasn’t satisfied with the height, after all, this was  for someone’s special birthday, spiced nuts in caramel sauce were added. It was an absolute hit!

Friends and Family Blending Palettes! A little wine and fine (fun) painting … this cake, a platter of Italian meats and more … It was a perfect evening.

Chai Cake, Chai Candied Pecans, Caramel Sauce and Buttercream … all here!

Chai Cake



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Quick & Easy Bolognese

BologneseThere is nothing more delicious in the world of pasta sauces than a good bolognese. This sauce is often a long cook and if you have a “want it now” mentality like I do now and again, a four hour recipe is just not going to get it. You may even prefer this to a slow cook … maybe because the ingredients have not broken down in the cooking process. I love serving this sauce over tagliatelle pasta. I think you’ll like it!

Enjoy these recipes too, Spaghetti Sauces & Slow Cook Meat Sauce. Delicious Meat Sauces and More!

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