Purple Cow – A Healthy Version

Try It As A Fourth Of July Treat

Purple Cow


Will and Steve had their own cookbook at a young age. Was this one of their recipes? Not this one! The original Purple Cow had two ingredients, grape juice and vanilla ice cream. Certainly this still can be done but I was trying for something a little less caloric with a little less sugar. And if you’ve tasted undiluted grape juice … It is soo sweet.

The kids will enjoy making their own this 4th!




4 Ounces concord grape juice per drink-freeze the grape juice in ice cube trays

3 Small scoops of frozen low fat vanilla yogurt per drink (Have you noticed when a product goes down in fat often this is compensated by adding more sugar … store bought cookies for example. I believe this true of ice creams too. Purchase your favorite vanilla flavor … whether it is ice cream, gelato, frozen soy or yogurt. All work.)

4 Ounces per drink of lemon-lime carbonated soda. I like 7Up. It seems to be less sweet. However, the diet 7Up tastes really sweet to me. The Purple Cow can be very sweet. The option for those who prefer a less sweet drink is to add 2 ounces of carbonated water (seltzer) and 2 ounces of lemon-lime carbonated soda. This will also create more bubbles. (Whatever you use make it ice cold.)

Add the scoops of yogurt alternating with the cubes of frozen grape juice. Pour lemon-lime soda slowly over all. Serve with spoon and straw.

There you go!

Are you confused by the assortment of carbonated water available at the grocery store. Here is a quick reference:

Carbonated water is often used interchangeably with soda water and sparkling water. These all have carbon dioxide in the water … the chemical compound that produces the bubbles.

Mineral water is natural occurring carbonated water with minerals.

Seltzer and club soda are artificially produced carbonated waters. Seltzer doesn’t have additives while club soda generally has salt and a bicarbonate.

Tonic water is a carbonated water with quinine.

Does that help?


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