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Savory or Sweet Scones Coming Up Next

Savory or Sweet Scones

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Lots of Family and Food over the last days. It’s been great fun! Thinking of what to do with my few turkey left overs. Decided to try out my new scone baking dish. And going to try adding a little of this and that to my recipe, making a variety. Maybe cranberries, turkey, cheese, Meyer lemon. The lemon tree is full this year. Can’t wait!

Since we look at scones as a breakfast food most often here are a few of past Kitchen Getaway Breakfast Recipes. And I’ve added the two Dinner Recipes below specific for cooked turkey. In the meantime, I’ll be in the kitchen coming up with some great scones to share with you later.

Turkey Leftovers

Turkey Chicken or Tuna Dish

Turkey and Wild Rice

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