Turkey Alcatra

Delicious Change to Turkey Roasting

Turkey AlcatraAlcatra (claypot roast) is a Portuguese dish originating from the Azorean Island of Terceira. It’s most often made with beef. But my friend, Melissa, whose family is from Terceira loves to use this traditional recipe for turkey. She says she has her husband cut the turkey into pieces and the legs aren’t used in her dish. Since my meal preparation is only for 4 I felt a whole turkey even without legs would be just too much. I knew it was risky just using a turkey breast because of the leanness that quickly goes from moist to dry. But a steam method just seemed foolproof. It’s amazing. I removed the skin before serving but you don’t need to. Brown up that skin by removing the top of the roaster at the end of the cooking period or pre-brown. That simple!

Thanks Melissa, a perfect idea.

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Influenced by Portuguese Cuisine

A Few of My Favorites

Portuguese CuisineTonight I’m putting together Alcatra using turkey breast instead of the usual beef roast. And since I’ll have the oven going all night I might as well make Boston Baked Beans, my Grandmother’s recipe, pictured upper left. Please enjoy these additional recipes while the Alcatra is baking.

Top row: Additionally, Linguica Prosciutto Pizza and Portuguese Rice Pudding

Middle row: Portuguese Hash, Portuguese Cowboy Spaghetti, Portuguese Beans with Linguica

Bottom row: Sponge Cake, Vinho D’ Alhos, Sweet Bread┬áNot into Sweet Bread, try this favorite, Pops.