Easy Apple Dessert

Apple Dessert

A thirty year old recipe that will convert pretty easily to Vegan if inclined. Tasty firm Granny Smith apples and walnuts create a lovely dessert for those surprise visitors, planned dinner guests or family of course. Make it fancy by adding a lemon curd drizzle, pumpkin butter, powdered sugar sprinkle, or whipped topping. Typically baked in an oblong baking dish or 9 inch square. Baking does take some time, about 45 minutes, and you will need a skewer or toothpick to check this one for doneness just to be sure. It’s packed with goodness!

Apple Dessert







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Today Is National Lemonade Day

Lemonade Cake

I had this idea about converting an old recipe, Lemon Glaze Cake, into something more homemade. And I’d add lemonade. Lemonade Cake … How clever and original! Until you do a Google search! Well, my recipe is original anyway.

Until I post my recipe for Lemonade Cake … you might enjoy reviewing an ancient poke cake recipe. Thank you Connie Swearingen for the Lemon Glaze Cake recipe … Your favorite cake over 50 years ago. I bet many are still making this version and loving it.

1 Yellow cake mix (no extras added like pudding)
1 Small box lemon jello
3/4 Cup vegetable oil
3/4 Cup water
3 Eggs

Beat all ingredients together for about 4 minutes. Bake according to cake package directions using an oblong baking dish.

When done remove from oven. Let cool briefly. Use a cooking fork and poke holes down to the bottom of the dish all across the top of the cake about every inch or so. Then pour the following across the warm cake: 2 cups powdered sugar and 1/2 cup lemon juice mixed thoroughly.

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Two Cheese Asiago Pasta Salad

Asiago Pasta saladEcstatic! A surprise package of cheeses, fresh and seasoned (aged), arrived from the producers of Asiago Pdo (Protected Designation of Origin) … from the Asiago Region in Italy. Cheese has been produced not for hundreds of years in this region but thousands. I’d say, practice makes perfect!

Not sure if I’ve ever tasted fresh Asiago before today … soft, melt in your mouth texture but not sticky, mild smelling and tasting, not bitter nor salty-definitely maintaining a bit of sweetness all the way through. It’s amazing! As far as shelf life after opening, this one is fairly short … maybe two weeks but don’t hold me to that. It won’t last that long around here anyway. The seasoned Asiago Pdo has three levels of maturity, 3-6 months, over 10 months and over 15 months. My little wedge was from the first level. And just an aside, domestic Asiago that I purchase locally (made in Wisconsin) is in the 5 month range. Obviously the flavor (nutty) and smell (bread-like) increase and change with the seasoned process. And rather than accepting my opinion that there is a definite taste difference, Pdo vs Domestic Asiago, do your own taste test.

Try it in a great pasta salad like this one!

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Recipes with Asiago Cheeses – Soon

Both with Fresh and Seasoned (Aged) Asiago

Recipes with Asiago Cheeses

I received these cheeses in the mail today and plan to try them out in a couple of recipes. I love cheeses of all kinds … limburger-maybe not, sorry grandpa, but then I haven’t smelled that cheese in years. It might be more palatable to me now.

The history of this Asiago Cheese is interesting and know it has been around for hundreds of years. But all Asiago’s are not the same. So here I am, to do a little testing of my own.

Asiago Pasta SaladComing Soon!

Tiramisu Make Over


Here I am in Florence with wanna-be Italian home cooks, like myself, watching our instructor make Tiramisu. I still have the recipe. But there are some glitches … Finding really tasty ladyfingers is difficult in my little town and finding mascarpone cheese is next to impossible. Also, the recipe calls for raw eggs. At one time I made pies, ice cream and desserts with raw eggs and never had any ill effects. But since this is now discouraged … well, it’s hard to turn back.

So … I developed a mock up Tiramisu. Please know this is not a substitute but rather a delicious dessert reminiscent of Tiramisu.

TiramisuThis is really an easy dessert to put together whether you’re making authentic or my make over. If you’re looking to give this your signature my suggestion is to make your own lady fingers or a substitute for them; such as, pound cake … And adding a little fruit flavor might be interesting. I thought about using Frangelico instead of rum … ultimately the alcohol can be left out if desired.

Have you ever experienced a Tiramisu with an almost bitter bite? I have! My very first! And for a long time I didn’t even go near this dessert. You won’t find bitter in this version whether you use rum or not. It’s just perfect! (Note: Be sure your coffee doesn’t taste bitter, and use the coffee sparingly.)

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Amazing 30 Minute Beef Stew

30 Minute Beef Stew


What is it that draws us to Beef Stew? For me it’s the blending of flavors and tender meat brought forth by long cooking. You’re going to be so pleasantly surprised at this recipe … Because after thirty minutes of cooking it tastes as if it has cooked all day.

30 Minute Beef Stew

This is what takes the longest … slicing and dicing all the veggies. But I have a shortcut for this too.




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30 minute Skillets

My focus this week is skillet meals. Great for back to school! This 30 Minute Stew is amazing. New!

30 Minute Skillets

Here are a few previous posts of quick one skillet dinners to tide you over. Click on the photo and voilà. I have many quick desserts too, and have added one here I rarely see but so delicious!Four Layer Dinner
Tuna, Chicken or Turkey Casserole

Sausage Peppers Onions







30 minute skillet

30 minute skillet30 minute skilletPeanut Butter Cake30 minute skillets