Simple Albondigas Soup

Meatball Soup

Albondigas Soup




This is one of my brother’s family favorites and I can see why. Use your favorite meatball recipe or mine, meatballs … And with the simple addition of tomatoes and onions to a beef broth you’ve Albondigas Soup. The secret is to keep it simple. Thank you Ruth, my sister-in-law, for the suggestion and recipe … I can see this as our family favorite too.

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Home Ground Wheat Loaf

Wheat LoafDan, my brother, visited from Oregon this last week and brought me this absolutely perfectly baked delicious wheat bread. Yep, he grinds the wheat himself. Gluten free? Definitely not! He adds gluten! I’m still waiting for the recipe, Danny. I guess I’m going to have to give out your email address here for those who want to try it out. Ha-ha. Hurry!

FINALLY, the recipe!! Thank you to Kay Patterson, Dan’s neighbor, for sharing this lovely recipe with our family!

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Banana Nut Cake

Caramel Glaze

Banana Nut Cake with Caramel Glaze

This is an old fashioned recipe or two … made for my mother. She has been very ill and you may have noticed this has impacted my posting. She is recuperating well and I’m making my way back to full swing.

This quick dessert is a simple 8 inch square banana cake … One of those last minute one bowl mixes providing a use for those over-ripe bananas. Delicious with coffee, tea or milk.

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Belly Button Mac N Cheese

Tortellini, A Different Style

Tortellini Mac N Cheese

And then there’s Ina Garten … Cheesy dishes are one of her specialities. When I say cheesy there is no other way to put it. If you aren’t into cheese just forget it! Some years ago my oldest son requested her 5 Cheese Penne Pasta for his birthday dinner. Little did I know one of the guests didn’t like cheese. Can you imagine! She didn’t tell me directly but she stirred her food to appear eaten. With four kids I knew what that meant.

This beats any cheesy recipe Ina has but in reality it’s a make over of her Mac N Cheese. Be prepared … this is so rich just a little will do you.

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Country String Beans

Country Green Beans

Simple food is used to describe this green bean dish. This recipe is from my childhood days … And it actually involved string beans, now modified into the green beans we find today. String beans when snapped had a string along the side of the bean … giving the name. And if I remember correctly these beans were a little tougher too.

This recipe requires an hour of cooking time. The texture and the color are far different from the al dente bright green beans we see today.

Several have requested I post this recipe. The simple truth is I love these beans, too!

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