Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookie

Brown Butter Sea Salt CookieThis is a great cookie treat for the Holidays! Yes, they can be shipped! Let me tell you why I believe these are a great treat and Holiday gift. If I’m going to invest (calories) in a homemade cookie it’s got to be fresh! And it goes without saying, taste delicious. You might have noticed most of my cookie recipes are of small batches … to be eaten immediately. There’s nothing better than a hot from the oven cookie, or at least hours within baking. There are few exceptions to this but here’s a delicious surprise. First, I’m not saying these aren’t fresh! And you certainly can get these fresh from the oven at two Central California Coastal Locations, the Acorn Building in Paso Robles and at a “humble cookie factory in the beach town, Cayucos.” But what I am saying is this: These homemade-style cookies are always, the company gives a four week shelf life, fresh in texture and taste! How can that be? Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t tasted anything like them. The lighter appearing of the two pictured here is the Original Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookie. The flavors are many now, not just the original and the chocolate version. Give this family owned cookie company a try, You’ll be hooked.

You might want to try making these yourself. But I warn you the duplication isn’t that easy. It’s the texture with the delicious taste that makes this recipe exceptional. Those that have tried have fallen a bit short in the smooth appearance. Here’s one such recipe and I admit I haven’t done a taste test. The recipe looks worth a try, Yummy Mummy Kitchen.

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